US Designation of Rohingya Genocide Must Spur Action

April 2nd, 2022  •  Author:   Progressive Voice  •  10 minute read
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“The United States has concluded that genocide has been committed seven times. Today marks the eighth. I have determined that members of the Burmese military committed genocide and crimes against humanity.”

Blinken, US Secretary of State

As the Myanmar military junta’s head makes violent threats to “annihilate” those who oppose military rule, the United States’ designation of the 2017 violence against the Rohingya as genocide reminds the world of the extreme brutality that this military is capable of. It is also a reminder that the international community must pursue all avenues of justice and accountability, both for the Rohingya who faced genocide in 2017, and the rest of Myanmar’s people, who are suffering since the coup attempt of 1st of February last year.

At an announcement at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., the US Secretary of State, Blinken, said “The United States has concluded that genocide has been committed seven times. Today marks the eighth. I have determined that members of the Burmese military committed genocide and crimes against humanity.” This comes after years of documentation and advocacy by local, regional, and international human rights organizations, as well as by the UN-mandated, Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar (IIFFMM). While the military junta unsurprisingly rejected the designation, the National Unity Government, the legitimate government of Myanmar, did welcome the designation and pledged to work towards safe return of Rohingya refugees and legislative and policy reforms to support “citizenship, equality and rights and opportunity, and justice and reparations.” Meanwhile a statement by 357 civil society organizations welcoming the designation also drew parallels to the situation after the attempted coup, “The same military that committed genocide against the Rohingya are committing massacres, airstrikes, extrajudicial killings, arbitrary mass arrests, sexual and gender-based violence, violence against children and mass displacement following its attempted coup – an attempt that failed, largely due to courageous and united resistance from the people of Myanmar in defense of their democracy.”

This designation is of course not news to the Rohingya community themselves. As Tun Khin of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK stated, “This designation lets Rohingya know that their voices have been heard amid the cruel suffering they continue to endure.”  A Rohingya refugee in Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh, told the Guardian, “It has been 60 years starting from 1962 that the Myanmar government has been torturing us and many other communities including Rohingya. I think a path to take action by the international community against Myanmar has opened up because of the declaration.” This is exactly what must happen now.

Now that this designation has been made, the US and other countries in the international community must take concrete steps to pursue justice and accountability for the Rohingya. There remains nearly one million Rohingya who fled this genocide and are living in refugee camps in Bangladesh, while those that remain in Rakhine State are subject to apartheid-like conditions, being deprived of basic freedom of movement, of religion, access to healthcare and education, and of course, citizenship.

Thus, there must be renewed momentum to support efforts to refer the situation of Myanmar to the International Criminal Court through the UN Security Council for the prosecution of military leaders. Furthermore, the case against the State of Myanmar at the International Court of Justice, must be supported, while the UN Human Rights Council must heed Myanmar civil society’s recent calls for the establishment of “a jurisdiction for atrocity crimes.” However, while such kind of justice and criminal accountability cannot be provided for domestically, the Spring Revolution has catalyzed a wave of inter-ethnic solidarity and a reflection of discriminatory attitudes and practices. These must also be acted upon to forge a society that is inclusive of the Rohingya, that acknowledges past mistakes, and begins a process of concrete reparations, both material and symbolic, as part of a broader process of restorative justice. These include recognition of Rohingya as an ethnic group and the restoration of their citizenship.


[1] One year following the 1988 pro-democracy uprising, the former military junta changed the country’s name from Burma to Myanmar overnight. Progressive Voice uses the term ‘Myanmar’ in acknowledgement that most people of the country use this term. However, the deception of inclusiveness and the historical process of coercion by the former State Peace and Development Council military regime into usage of ‘Myanmar’ rather than ‘Burma’ without the consent of the people is recognized and not forgotten. Thus, under certain circumstances, ‘Burma’ is used.

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