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Progressive Voice was born out of the work of Burma Partnership and formally established in October 2016. Comprehensive resources on the situation of human rights in Myanmar prior to the establishment of Progressive Voice can still be found on Burma Partnership’s website at

၂၀၁၆ ခုႏွစ္ ေအာက္တိုဘာလတြင္ ျမန္မာ့အေရးပူးေပါင္းေဆာင္ရြက္သူမ်ားအဖြဲ႔မွ ေရွ႕ေျပးအသံအဖြဲ႔သို႔ ေျပာင္းလဲဖြဲ႔စည္းခဲ့သည္။ ထိုေျပာင္းလဲဖြဲ႔စည္းျခင္းမတိုင္မီ ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံလူ႔အခြင့္အေရး အေျခအေနႏွင့္ပတ္သက္သည့္ အခ်က္အလက္မ်ားကုိ ျမန္မာ့အေရးပူးေပါင္းေဆာင္ရြက္သူမ်ားအဖဲြ႔၏ ၀က္ဆုိဒ္  တြင္ ရယူႏုိင္ပါသည္။

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December 13, 2018 • Author: Transnational Institute (TNI)

“A Declaration of War on Us”: The 2018 VFV Law Amendment and its Impact on Ethnic Nationalities

The right to land for all peoples is essential for peace, democracy and development. Farmers working on land in Pinlaung township in Shan State / Photo credit Tom Kramer The recently adopted amendment by parliament to the 2012 Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Lands Management ... Read more ►

December 10, 2018 • Author: Jason Gelbort

Implementation of Burma’s Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Land Management Law: At Odds with the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement and Peace Negotiations

Land rights of peoples must be protected to improve prospects for peace. Farmers working in the northern Shan State / Photo credit Jason Gelbort The Government of Myanmar’s approach to land policy risks increasing land conflicts and exacerbating current challenges in ... Read more ►

December 10, 2018 • Author: Karen Human Rights Group

Suffering in Silence? Sexual Violence Against Women in Southeast Myanmar

ntroduction “Since he began repeatedly raping me, I am afraid and feel insecure. He is not letting me go home. I feel shame because my neighbours are gossiping about me.”[1] These words ring true for many survivors of sexual violence in Southeast Myanmar, who face numer... Read more ►

December 8, 2018 • Author: Free Burma Rangers

Rangers Help Vulnerable Civilians in Kachin State

The Kachin of northern Burma are beleaguered, desperately in need of aid and vulnerable to attack. The Burma Army has conducted military offensives against civilian populations and forced more than 100,000 Kachin to flee since 2011, becoming internally displaced people (IDPs... Read more ►

December 7, 2018 • Author: Karenni Refugee Repatriation and Reconstruction Working Group


အစီရင္ခံစာ အျပည့္အစံုကို ဤေနရာတြင္ ရယူပါ။ ... Read more ►

December 3, 2018 • Author: Shan Human Rights Foundation and Shan Sapawa Environmental Organization

From Scorched Earth to Parched Earth

Summary This report exposes how Burma Army terror campaigns, forced depopulation, and military expansion have paved the way for dam building on the Nam Teng in southern Shan State, and urges the immediate cancellation of the Upper Kengtawng dam, a potentially disastrous pro... Read more ►

November 30, 2018 • Author: EarthRights International

ဟန္ခ်က္ၾကားမွ နဘုလယ္ေဒသ – တေက်ာ့ျပန္ ထားဝယ္အထူးစီးပြားေရးဇုန္ႏွင့္ ေဒသေနလူထု အသံမ်ားႏွင့္ ရႈေထာင့္အေထြေထြ

အစီရင္ခံစာအက်ဥ္းခ်ဳပ္ ကမၻာ႔အႀကီးဆံုးေသာ စီမံကိန္းမ်ားထဲမွ တစ္ခုအပါအ၀င္ျဖစ္ေသာ စီမံကိန္းတစ္ခုသည... Read more ►

November 30, 2018 • Author: EarthRights International

Communities in the Balance: Local Voices and Prospects for the Dawei Special Economic Zone Project

Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is an industrial development project in southern Myanmar that directly affects 43,000 people, only eight percent of whom consented to the project before it began. Less than one-third of those affected have received any information from th... Read more ►

November 22, 2018 • Author: Kaladan Press Network

The Killing Fields of Alethankyaw

Summary The centuries-old fishing community of Alethankyaw in southern Maungdaw is one of hundreds of Rohingya villages attacked and razed by Burmese government security forces during their brutal “clearance operations” that began in August 2017 and which drove over 720... Read more ►

November 14, 2018 • Author: The Border Consortium

Human Security in South Eastern Myanmar

Executive Summary Much progress has been made in recognising the inherent freedom and equality of all people since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly seventy years ago. However, the challenge of leaving no one behi... Read more ►

November 13, 2018 • Author: Women's Refugee Commission

“It’s Happening to Our Men as Well”: Sexual Violence Against Rohingya Men and Boys

The Women’s Refugee Commission is undertaking a three-country exploratory study on sexual violence against refugee men and boys, including those with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. In July 2018, two researchers traveled to Cox’s Baza... Read more ►

November 9, 2018 • Author: Free Burma Rangers

Landmine Casualties and Civilian Displacement Continue in Chin State

Chin State in western Burma borders India and Bangladesh and, though receiving little attention from international media or rights groups, continues, like much of the rest of Burma, to suffer the effects of poor governance and on-going conflict. Chin Free Burma Ranger teams ... Read more ►