The Times They Are Not Changing

January 17, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“As ever, it is civilians who bear the brunt of the accompanying abuses that the Myanmar military soldiers inflict on the local populations. Furthermore, they do so with impunity. Documented for decades, yet without any real change, the Myanmar military which commit rape a... Read more ►

Has Myanmar Lost Sight of Justice, Accountability and Truth?

December 23, 2019  •  Author: Progressive Voice

After decades and decades of iron-fisted rule by one of the most repressive military regimes the world has ever seen, its people deserve better. At least, Justice, accountability, truth, and national reconciliation are aspirations that many have fought and died for many year... Read more ►

Act Now and Join Gambia

December 13, 2019  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“While human rights violations are on the rise, particularly in ethnic areas where civil war is ongoing, the MNHRC remains unable and/or unwilling to address human rights violations, especially those committed by the Myanmar military”Ko Bo Bo of Generation Wave As the wo... Read more ►