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UN Security Council Must Act On Military Junta’s Violence against Myanmar People

February 22, 2021  •  Author: Progressive Voice

It has been over three weeks since the illegitimate and unlawful coup d’état was surmounted by the Myanmar[1] military. As reported in the previous Weekly Highlights, the peaceful condemnation and resistance from the people of Myanmar against the military junta is gai... Read more ►

The Resistance is Live

February 12, 2021  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“The military-crafted, centralized governing structure could never be a foundation for sustainable peace and development in Burma.”Karen Peace Support Network It has been over one week since the Myanmar military staged its illegitimate coup. Resistance is growing and so ... Read more ►

Civil Society Stands Against Coup and Calls on International Community to Act

February 5, 2021  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“The Myanmar military have made their intentions very clear, they are unwilling to make strides towards federal democracy but instead they suppress opposition, human rights defenders and activists, as well as persecuting ethnic and religious minorities. Swift and decisive ... Read more ►

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