Whither the Panglong Spirit?

February 21, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“There has not been a single year of peace in over 70 years since the signing of the Panglong Agreement” The shelling of a school in Rakhine State brought Myanmar’s civil war into the spotlight yet again. This type of indiscriminate shelling and military operations, pa... Read more ►

Struggling through War

February 13, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“The peace should be built upon trust. Conducting suspicious activities like these can ruin the peace process.”Padoh Saw Kwe Htoo Win, KNU Vice-Chairperson Civilians living in Myanmar’s conflict-affected areas continue to be victims of the Government’s policies that ... Read more ►

Forgotten Principles of Do No Harm

February 7, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“[International NGOs] tell us to work inside the country. But we told them that the KNU [Karen National Union] is involved in peace negotiations with the government and they do not have a peace agreement yet, so we cannot trust the government.”Saw Kholo Htoo, Deputy Dire... Read more ►