Towards a Gender-Just Society

March 19, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“Communities’ tendency to be more accepting of male leadership has compromised the efforts of women who want to continue to lead, but also want to respect the interests of their community.”Karen Women's Organization (KWO) In celebrating this year’s International Wome... Read more ►

The Continuing Perilous Flight of Rohingya

March 7, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

The threat of arrest and imprisonment is not the only problem that fleeing Rohingya must navigate. The rickety, ill-equipped boats that undertake the extremely perilous journey sometimes do not make it, and instances of Rohingya drowning are common. As the Myanmar[1] governm... Read more ►

Freedom of Expression is Not A Crime

March 1, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

“If the Myanmar government and its military continue to see any criticism against them as a threat to their power and attempt to silence anyone pointing out their criminal acts and wrong doings, their misdeeds will only bring Myanmar further down the hill from the path of ... Read more ►

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