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US Companies Must Cut Ties with Burma’s Genocide Generals

March 21st, 2022  •  Author:   Burma Campaign UK  •  3 minute read
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Following the US determination that genocide has been committed against the Rohingya, Burma Campaign UK today renewed calls to American companies to cut all ties to the Burmese military.

The determination of genocide is an important acknowledgment of the crimes being committed against the Rohingya, and must act as a catalyst for action to cut the supply of money, arms and aviation fuel to the Burmese military.

Burma Campaign UK publishes a ‘Dirty List’ of companies linked to the Burmese military or human rights violations in Burma. 

Nine American companies are on the ‘Dirty List’. They are:

Alphabet/Google: The Google Play app store hosts around ten apps for the Burmese military joint venture mobile phone network Mytel. The apps are a critical part of Mytel marketing and customer recruitment strategy.

Apple: The Apple App Store hosts around seven apps for the Burmese military joint venture mobile phone network Mytel. The apps are a critical part of Mytel marketing and customer recruitment strategy.

Cloudflare: Provide website security services for several Burmese military websites, including the Myanmar Police Force, which rapes and kills political activists, the military-owned Innwa Bank, owned by the sanctioned Myanmar Economic Corporation, and the Myanmar War Veterans Organisation, also sanctioned by the US, EU and UK.

Facebook: Have now removed Burmese military pages but still fail to take effective action on hate speech and incitement against minorities in Burma, have allowed the military to take over Burmese government pages and use them for propaganda and lies, and refuse to acknowledge and take action regarding their role in facilitating genocide of the Rohingya.

Hilton: Operates a hotel in Rakhine State on land seized by the military without the farmers who owned it receiving proper compensation. Money from the development went to the military via the Office of the Quartermaster General. The hotel is not currently open but Hilton refuse to end their relationship with this hotel despite it being on Burmese military-owned land.

Honeywell: Has a longstanding business relationship with Indian aerospace company Hindustan Aeronautic Ltd (HAL), including a contract with them that enables HAL to manufacture Honeywell engines. HAL in turn is planning to sell aircraft with Honeywell engines to the Burmese military.

OnlineNIC: Provides web hosting services for the military-owned Myawaddy Bank, which has been sanctioned by the USA, UK and EU. It also hosts the website of the military-owned Central Hotel Yangon.

Sectigo/Sitelock: Provides services for the military-controlled Ministry of Home Affairs website.

TPG Capital: Is the majority owner of Tower Holdings, which operates telecoms towers companies in Burma which work for the military joint venture mobile phone network company Mytel.

“American companies need to cut all ties with Burma’s genocide generals,” said Mark Farmaner, Director of Burma Campaign UK. “Facilitating the operations of military-owned companies means helping those companies make profits which help pay for genocide. American companies have been quick to act in response to the invasion of Ukraine but five years on from genocide of the Rohingya, there are still American companies willing to work for the genocidal generals in Burma.”

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