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September 28, 2020 • Author: Karen Peace Support Network

A Critique of Burma’s COVID-19 Economic Relief Plan

September 21, 2020 • Author: Burma Human Rights Network

Concerns Over Possible Anti-Muslim Violence During Burma’s Election Campaign

September 21, 2020 • Author: 30 Civil Society Organizations

On International Day of Peace CSOs Urge Myanmar to Uphold its Human Rights Obligations Ahead of the Universal Periodic Review, Calls for Ceasefire

September 21, 2020 • Author: 30 Civil Society Organizations

အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာ လူ့အခွင့်အရေးအခြေအနေ ပုံမှန်သုံးသပ...

September 3, 2020 • Author: Rohingya Peace Innovation Unity, Rohingya Peace Initiative, Rohingya Women Empowerment and Advocacy Network, Rohingya Women for Justice and Peace, Rohingya Youth for Legal Action, Rohingya Student Union, Rohingya Student Network, Arakan Rohingya National Union, Rohingya Youth Association, Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights, Voice of Rohingya, Rohingya Women Education Initiative, Rohingya Children Education Center, Rohingya Youth Federation

The Union Election Commission Should Recognize the Voting Rights of Rohingya Refugees in the November 8 General Election in Myanmar

August 26, 2020 • Author: Burma Human Rights Network

Nowhere to Run in Burma: New Report Finds Evidence Legal System is Used as a Weapon to Prevent Freedom of Movement for Rohingya

August 21, 2020 • Author: Arakan Rohingya National Organisation

Urgent Action Needed to Secure Free, Fair and Inclusive Elections in Myanmar

August 19, 2020 • Author: Fortify Rights

Myanmar: Prevent Exclusion of Rohingya Candidates from National Elections

August 19, 2020 • Author: Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK

Donors Must End Support to Myanmar’s Racist Election Commission

August 17, 2020 • Author: Karen Peace Support Network

ကရင်လူမျိုးများ၏ အာဇာနည်နေ့အား လွတ်လပ်စွာ ဂုဏ်ပြုခွင...

August 17, 2020 • Author: Karen Peace Support Network

Karen Must Be Free To Honour Martyrs – Drop Charges Now

August 13, 2020 • Author: 28 Rakhine Civil Soceity Organizations

ကရင့်အာဇာနည်နေ့ အခမ်းအနားအား ပိတ်ပင်တားဆီးပြီး ကရင်အ...

August 12, 2020 • Author: Fortify Rights

Myanmar: Ensure Rohingya Participation in Elections

July 10, 2020 • Author: Fortify Rights

Ensure Voting Rights, Restore Citizenship Rights for Rohingya: National Elections Scheduled for November 8

July 9, 2020 • Author: 16 Civil Society Organizations, Progressive Voice

Joint Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review (37th Session of the Working Group): Hate Speech and Shrinking Democratic and Civil Society Space

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