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Operation 1027 and the Direction of the Spring Revolution

May 3rd, 2024  •  Author:   Burma News International , Myanmar Peace Monitor  •  2 minute read
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Objective of the Report

“Operation 1027” was launched by the Three Brotherhood Alliance (3BHA) on 27 October 2023. The military alliance captured several military bases within days. The 3BHA took complete control of Chinshwehaw, Hpawnghseng, Theinni and Kyukoke (Pan Sang) in the first seven days of the operation. It forced thousands of soldiers to surrender. It was said that Operation 1027 awakened the revolutionary strength of the Spring Revolution forces.

This report aims to analyse the objective and trajectory of “Operation 1027”, as well as its limitations and dynamics, based on the events and data. We have made efforts to visualize the importance of Operation 1027 for the Spring Revolution with its goas of eliminating the military dictatorship and building a federal democratic union and the impact of Operation 1027 on political objectives such as equality and self-determination, synchronized movements and coordination by other resistance forces along with Operation 1027, as closely as possible. This report documents the military junta’s losses during Operation 1027, the role played by the Chinese government and the voices of the local people living in northern Shan State.

Following the ceasefire in northern Shan State, known as the “Haigeng Agreement”, “Operation 1027” is still moving forward as military bases and towns are continually captured by resistance forces. Alongside “Operation 1027,” the trajectory of the Spring Revolution is also moving forward. This report presents data and events reflecting this.

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