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Latest Update from the Karenni Coordination Team for Emergency Relief Since the Coup

April 8th, 2024  •  Author:   Karenni Human Rights Group  •  3 minute read
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In March, attacks by Myanmar military junta including the use of airstrikes in Hpasaung in Karenni State, and Phekhon and Pinlaung townships in Shan State worsened displacement of Karenni population. The attacks on Hpasaung forced over 1,000 civilians to flee. Over 10,000 people, including 3,000 Karenni, were displaced after the military junta attacked civilian areas in Phekhon and Pinlaung townships of Shan State. Attacks, travel restrictions, and forced conscription by Myanmar military in southern Shan State led to over 23,000 displaced Karenni people taking refuge in that region trying to return to displacement sites in Karenni State although various safety concerns remain. This factor also causes overcrowded conditions in existing displacement camps in Demawso, Hpruso, and Loikaw townships.
Water Scarcity and Health Risks
During dry season from March to June, displacement sites in Karenni State and nearby areas suffer from water shortages as many of them are located in dry areas. Water scarcity is a major concern that causes health issues such as seasonal fever, skin diseases, and other health difficulties among displaced population with particular effect on children. It adds to the burden of displaced persons, especially among women, as they have to travel far to fetch water, share limited amount from water donors, or even purchase it.

Wildspread Property Destruction
Myanmar military Junta has destroyed nearly 3,000 properties including homes, churches, schools, clinics, and hospitals in the Karenni State and nearby areas since the 2021 coup. It has used airstrikes, artillery attacks, and arsons to destroy civilian properties in an effort to drive them away and prevent them from returning. In the past two months, over 100 civilian homes in Hpasaung and 48 in Shadaw were destroyed by the military junta’s airstrikes, artillery attacks, and arsons. In addition, 129 buildings, including churches and barns, in Moebye and eastern Loikaw that were abandoned due to Myanmar military’s attack in the past three years, were burned down by wild fires.

Call for actions

  1. International communities should support cross-border humanitarian assistance for displaced populations
  2. International communities should actively engage with local humanitarian groups to implement sustainable humanitarian relief
  3. More Karenni should actively participate in the resistance movement and advocate for the plight of Karenni people to international communities.

How can you help

  • Spread the message widely
  • Participate by donation and volunteer services
  • Contact us on how to donate


  • Urgent Needs: Food, shelter, and medicine for existing and new IDPs
  • Healthcare and WASH: Medical supplies, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene for existing and new IDPs camps.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @CTER-Karenni

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