The Human Rights Foundation of Monland, the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand and The Network for Human Rights Documentation Call for Justice for Women in Myanmar in New Joint Briefing Paper, “Resist”

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Today, on International Women’s Day, the Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM), the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) and the Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma (ND-Burma) release a joint briefing paper, “Resist: Women’s Courage Tested in Myanmar One Year Since the Failed Coup.”

In the 13 months which have now passed since 1 February 2021, the people of Myanmar have had their basic rights and freedoms swiftly obstructed by the military junta. Women are among the hundreds who have been killed, and the thousands arbitrarily and unlawfully arrested by the Myanmar military. The lives of citizens in the country have not been safe for many months now. And yet, despite the great terrors and daily risks to their lives, the Spring Revolution has amassed a nation who refuses to bow down to the authoritarian regime.

Women throughout Myanmar’s history have tirelessly advocated for equality and recognition through their participation in all sectors of society at a minimum of 30 percent. Since the failed coup, women leaders have shown up across the country in various ways including leading protests, organizing and campaigning anti-coup rallies and offering support behind the scenes to displaced families, civilian armed defense forces and more. They have left their jobs and joined the Civil Disobedience Movement as doctors, medics, lawyers, teachers, bankers and from a variety of other professions. Amidst all of the threats, women in Myanmar continue to resist.

HURFOM, KWAT and ND-Burma call for an immediate end to violence against civilians in Myanmar, in particular an end to conflict related sexual violence and acts which endanger the lives of women and children. Women have been gunned down in their homes with their families by the junta, and have faced extreme violence in military custody. Alongside growing numbers of arbitrary arrests, detainment and forced disappearances, women who challenge the junta are susceptible to more danger if immediate action is not swiftly taken.

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The Human Rights Foundation of Monland was founded by pro-democracy students from the 1988 uprising and more recent activists and Mon community leaders and youths, and its main aim is for the restoration of democracy, human rights and genuine peace in Burma. HURFOM is a non-profit organization and all its members are volunteers who have the same opinion for the same aim. By accepting the main aim, we would like to participate in the struggle for the establishment of a democratic Burma doing our part as a local ethnic human rights group, which is monitoring the human rights situation in Mon territory and other areas in the southern part of Burma.

 The Kachin Women’s Association Thailand is a non-profit organization which works to eliminate discrimination and violence against women, enhance the living standards of women and enable them to participate in decision-making processes at all levels, and strengthen the quest for social justice, peace and development in the Kachin region

The Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma was formed in 2004 in order to provide a way for Burma human rights organizations to collaborate on the human rights documentation process. The 13 ND-Burma member organizations seek to collectively use the truth of what communities in Burma have endured to advocate for justice for victims. ND-Burma trains local organizations in human rights documentation; coordinates members’ input into a common database using a secure open-source software; and engages in joint-advocacy campaigns.

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