Myanmar Junta Troops Suspected of Killing and Mutilating Civilians

September 15th, 2021  •  Author:   Arbitrary Killings by Military Coup (Gangaw Township)  •  2 minute read
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One of the five victims found dead with signs of torture in Gangaw. / CJ


Five civilians have been found dead with their bodies mutilated close to where junta troops clashed last week with local resistance fighters in Magwe Region’s Gangaw Township. The victims had been shot and tortured, while the genitals had been cut off two of the bodies, according to local residents.

The bodies were found near Mwe Lel village, where three of the dead were from. The other two victims were from Lel Shae Village. Two bodies were discovered on Monday, and the other three on Tuesday.

One of the five victims found dead with signs of torture in Gangaw. (Photo: CJ)

The victims had been shot in the back of their heads and their arms and legs had been slashed with knives. Genitals had been removed from some bodies, said a villager.

“The victims were innocent civilians. We found gunshot wounds on their bodies. They had been beaten. Two of the residents of Mwe Lel Village had their genitals cut off. There were cuts on the legs and arms of the bodies. The heads and faces were badly disfigured. We had to cremate the bodies at the site as they were too mutilated to move,” said the local resident.

Two of the five victims found dead with signs of torture in Gangaw. (Photo: CJ)

Junta troops and resistance fighters clashed on September 9 near Myin Thar village in Gangaw. At least 17 locals, most of them youths, died in the battle.

Clashes continued the following day, and some 40 houses were destroyed as military regime troops torched Hnan Kha Village. Some villagers from Mwe Lel were detained the same day by junta forces.

There were further clashes on September 12 after junta soldiers torched Htel Hlaw Village. On Monday, junta troops returned again to Hnan Kha Village, burning down another 14 houses.

Residents from at least ten villages in Gangaw Township have fled their homes following the junta raids.

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