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Progressive Voice was born out of the work of Burma Partnership and formally established in October 2016. Comprehensive resources on the situation of human rights in Myanmar prior to the establishment of Progressive Voice can still be found on Burma Partnership’s website at

၂၀၁၆ ခုႏွစ္ ေအာက္တိုဘာလတြင္ ျမန္မာ့အေရးပူးေပါင္းေဆာင္ရြက္သူမ်ားအဖြဲ႔မွ ေရွ႕ေျပးအသံအဖြဲ႔သို႔ ေျပာင္းလဲဖြဲ႔စည္းခဲ့သည္။ ထိုေျပာင္းလဲဖြဲ႔စည္းျခင္းမတိုင္မီ ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံလူ႔အခြင့္အေရး အေျခအေနႏွင့္ပတ္သက္သည့္ အခ်က္အလက္မ်ားကုိ ျမန္မာ့အေရးပူးေပါင္းေဆာင္ရြက္သူမ်ားအဖဲြ႔၏ ၀က္ဆုိဒ္  တြင္ ရယူႏုိင္ပါသည္။

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ND-Burma မွ တႏွစ္ ႏွစ္ႀကိမ္ထုတ္ေ၀၀ည့္အစီရင္ခံစာအရပဋိပကၡမ်ားျပင္းထန္တိုးပြား လာျခင္းေၾကာင့္ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံအတြင္းလူ႔အခြင့္အေရးအေ...

April 19, 2019 • Author: Network for Human Rights Documentation - Burma

ေန႔စဲြ။ ။ ၂၀၁၈ ခုႏွစ္ ဧၿပီလ ၁၉ ရက္ ၂၀၁၈ ခုႏွစ္အတြင္း တပ္မေတာ္ႏွင့္ တိုင္းရင္းသားလက္နက္ကိုင္အဖြဲ႔မ်... Read more ►

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ND-Burma’s Bi-annual Report Finds Intensification of Conflict Led to Continued Deterioration of Human Rights in Burma

April 19, 2019 • Author: Network for Human Rights Documentation - Burma

For immediate press release Throughout 2018, ND-Burma found that the human rights situation in Burma continued to deteriorate due to the intensification of conflict between the military and ethnic armed organisations (EAOs). This was particularly the case in northern Kachin ... Read more ►

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Human Rights Situation in Burma 2018

April 19, 2019 • Author: Network for Human Rights Documentation - Burma

The reporting period saw approximately 190 armed clashes, with some 32,000 people becoming newly displaced as a result. At the time of writing, there is an estimated 106,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in 172 IDP sites in northern Shan and Kachin states, with reques... Read more ►

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အသံ – လြတ္လပ္စြာထုတ္ေဖာ္ေျပာဆိုခြင့္လႈပ္ရွားမႈအဖြဲ႔ သေဘာထားေၾကညာခ်က္ ထုတ္ျပန္ျခင္း (၁/၂၀၁၉)

April 19, 2019 • Author: Athan – Freedom of Expression Activist Organization

သၾကၤန္ကာလအတြင္း သံခ်ပ္ထိုးေဖ်ာ္ေျဖမႈမ်ားႏွင့္ ပတ္သက္၍ ေဒါင္းဆို႔မ်ိဳးဆက္ သံခ်ပ္အဖြဲ႔ကို တပ္မေတာ... Read more ►

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Opinion Statement on the Presidential Amnesty of the Burmese New Year

April 18, 2019 • Author: Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)

On Burmese New Year, April 17, 2019, 9535 local prisoners from different prisons were released under the order of the president’s amnesty. Moreover, a statement noted that presidential amnesty for prisoners will continue to be scrutinized. Since overcrowding in Burmese P... Read more ►

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Satire is Not a Crime: Drop Charges Against Peaceful Critics

April 17, 2019 • Author: Human Rights Watch

(New York) – Myanmar authorities should drop charges against four performers for criticizing the military in a satirical thangyat performance, Human Rights Watch said today. Thangyat is a form of slam poetry traditionally performed during Myanmar’s April New Year holiday... Read more ►

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“Kachin Democratic Party (KDP) Send an open letter to the People Republic of China and State Counselor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi”

April 14, 2019 • Author: Kachin Democratic Party

... Read more ►

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DFID Must Increase Aid to Refugees and IDPs

April 12, 2019 • Author: Burma Campaign UK

The annual British aid budget for Burma is almost £90 million a year, but not enough of it is reaching people from ethnic minorities who have fled attacks by the Burmese military. In eastern Burma, around a quarter of a million people from ethnic groups now live in temporar... Read more ►

Local Land Practice Must be Recognized

April 11, 2019 • Author: Progressive Voice

“There is no vacant, fallow & virgin land in ethnic areas. The recently enacted Vacant, Fallow & Virgin Land Management Law is a law that facilitates making people who depend for their lives on land & forest to become landless. Instead of accepting and enacting... Read more ►

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20 Expert Organisations Urge Myanmar to Fully Guarantee the Internationally Protected Right to Freedom of Expression in the Constitution

April 11, 2019 • Author: 20 Organizations

11 April 2019 — A new parliamentary committee tasked with reviewing Myanmar’s constitution is an opportunity for the government to guarantee the democratic rights to free expression, media freedom, and access to information. We welcome the government’s creation of ... Read more ►

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Reuters Reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo to Receive 2019 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Prize

April 10, 2019 • Author: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Both laureates are serving seven-year prison sentences. At the time of their arrest in Yangon on 12 December 2017, they were working for the Reuters news agency, reporting on alleged human rights violations in Myanmar’s state of Rakhine. “Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo symboliz... Read more ►

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Statement on the Killing of 20 Rohingya in Buthidaung Township

April 6, 2019 • Author: Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights (ARSPHR)

ARSPH are deeply concern about the intensified fighting in Rakhine State in last weeks between the Arakan Army (AA) and the Myanmar military forces. ... Read more ►