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Joint Statement on Rohingya Refugees at Sea

May 1, 2020  •  Author: Asia Justice Coalition

No May Day Marches in Myanmar: Workers Fear Increase in Union Busting at Factories During Covid-19 Lockdown

April 30, 2020  •  Author: Human Rights Watch

Bangladesh: Prevent Push-Backs of Rohingya Refugees, Investigate and Prosecute Human Trafficking

April 30, 2020  •  Author: Fortify Rights

A Call to Action on Myanmar’s Genocide Against the Rohingya

April 30, 2020  •  Author: Refugees International

Myanmar: “Possible war crimes and crimes against humanity ongoing in Rakhine and Chin States” – UN Special Rapporteur Yanghee Lee

April 29, 2020  •  Author: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights , Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar

Free Rohingya Coalition (FRC) Statement Calling on Governments of ASEAN and South Asia to Urgently Provide Entry and Refuge to Rohingya Survivors of Myanmar’s Genocide and Tackle the Rising Hate-speech Occurring Within Their Territories

April 28, 2020  •  Author: Free Rohingya Coalition

မြန်မာနိုင်ငံအတွက်တရားမျှတမှု – မညီမျှမှု၊ မတရားမှု၊ အကြမ်းဖက်မှုနှင့် လူသားမျိုးနွယ်အား ဆန့်ကျင်သော ရာဇဝတ်မှုများကို စန...

April 28, 2020  •  Author: Justice For Myanmar

Justice For Myanmar: Activists Launch Campaign to Expose Systemic Causes of Inequality, Injustice, Violence and Crimes against Humanity

April 28, 2020  •  Author: Justice For Myanmar

BROUK Appeals to Malaysia to Show Solidarity with Rohingya

April 28, 2020  •  Author: Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK

EU Continues ‘Do Nothing’ Approach To Genocide in Burma

April 28, 2020  •  Author: Burma Campaign UK
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ရခိုင်နှင့် ချင်းပြည်နယ်များတွင် ပြင်းထန်သည့် ထိုးစစ်ဆင်မှု၊ စစ်ရေးလှုပ်ရှားမှုတို့ကြောင့် ဖြစ်ပေါ်လာသည့် တိုက်ပွဲများပေ...

April 26, 2020  •  Author: Kachin National Youth Network
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Concerning Current Situation Surrounding Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia

April 26, 2020  •  Author: Rohingya Women Development Network , ELOM Empowerment

Statement on Fighting in Western Burma

April 25, 2020  •  Author: World Kachin Congress
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ကချင်အမျိုးသားများ အတိုင်ပင်ခံအဖွဲ့ သဘောထားထုတ်ပြန်ချက်

April 25, 2020  •  Author: Kachin National Consultative Assembly

Violence Continues Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

April 24, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

Myanmar: Provide Remedies for Former Political Prisoners, Protect Free Expression

April 23, 2020  •  Author: Athan - Freedom of Expression Activist Organization , Fortify Rights

Our Demands are for All Students: Violations of Students’ Rights in Mandalay, Myanmar

April 23, 2020  •  Author: Athan - Freedom of Expression Activist Organization , Fortify Rights
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Arakan/Rakhine State Is Calling for an Urgent Response From the UN Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar

April 23, 2020  •  Author: International Campaign for Arakan

ကမ္ဘာ့ကျန်းမာရေးအဖွဲ့ (WHO) မှ ဝန်ထမ်းတစ်ဦး တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်စဉ် အပစ်သတ်ခံရမှုနှင့် ပတ်သက်၍ အရပ်ဖက်လူမှုအဖွဲ့အစည်းများမှ သဘောထားထုတ်ပြန်ချက်

April 23, 2020  •  Author: 290 Civil Soceity Organizations

Digital Hate: Incitement of Public Opposition to the Case Against Burma the International Court of Justice

April 22, 2020  •  Author: Burma Human Rights Network

3 Civilians Die in Cross-Fire as Heavy Artillery Hits Paletwa Town Amidst On-going Fighting

April 22, 2020  •  Author: Chin Human Rights Organization
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16 Agencies Express Extreme Concern After the Death of An Aid Worker Transporting COVID-19 Test Samples

April 21, 2020  •  Author: 16 International Non-Governmental Organizations
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United Nations Myanmar Statement

April 21, 2020  •  Author: United Nations Myanmar

ARTICLE 19 Briefing Calls For Action to Address Freedom of Expression Concerns Ahead of Elections

April 21, 2020  •  Author: ARTICLE 19
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