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The ICJ and the Direction of Rohingya Plight

June 7, 2020  •  Author: European Rohingya Council

Burmese Army Ransacked Village in Chin State

June 5, 2020  •  Author: Burma Human Rights Network

Kirin Seeking “Alternatives” to its Partnerships with Myanmar Military

June 5, 2020  •  Author: International Campaign for the Rohingya

မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတွင် နိုင်ငံရေးအကျိုးအမြတ်အတွက် COVID-19 ကို လက်နက်အဖြစ် အသုံးချခြင်း – COVID-19 ကာလအတွင်း ဆက်လက်ဖြစ်ပေါ်နေသည့် လူ့အခွင...

June 2, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

COVID-19 Weaponized for Political Gain in Myanmar: New Report Highlights Ongoing Human Rights Violations Amid COVID-19

June 2, 2020  •  Author: Progressive Voice

Argentinean Judiciary Moves Closer to Opening Case Against Myanmar Over Rohingya Genocide

June 1, 2020  •  Author: Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK

Hundreds Jailed for Covid-19 Violations: Prison Time for Breaking Curfew, Quarantine Is Excessive and Unsafe

May 28, 2020  •  Author: Human Rights Watch
Press release image

Extension of the Time-limits for the Filing of the Initial Pleadings

May 26, 2020  •  Author: International Court of Justice

French Company VOLTALIA Must Put An End to Its Commercial Relationship with a Company Linked to the Myanmar Military

May 26, 2020  •  Author: Sherpa , Info Birmanie , Reporters Without Borders , Justice for Myanmar

Ever Flow River ကုမ္ပဏီက ရန်ကုန်စတော့အိတ်ချိန်းတွင် ရှယ်ယာအရောင်းအဝယ်စာရင်းဖွင့်ရန် ပြင်ဆင်နေခြင်းသည် ကြီးမားသော အကျင့်ပျက်ခြစားမှ...

May 26, 2020  •  Author: Justice For Myanmar

Serious Corruption Risk as Ever Flow River Prepares to Float on Yangon Stock Exchange

May 25, 2020  •  Author: Justice For Myanmar

War Crimes Continue in Burma

May 23, 2020  •  Author: Burma Human Rights Network

Myanmar: Government Fails to Protect Rohingya After World Court Order

May 22, 2020  •  Author: Amnesty International

Government Must Do Far More to Comply with International Court Justice’s Order on Protection of Rohingya Population

May 22, 2020  •  Author: International Commission of Jurists

Karen Indigenous Group Launch Their Conservation Vision for Myanmar’s Tanintharyi Region, Rejecting the Harmful ‘Ridge to Reef’ Project

May 22, 2020  •  Author: Conservation Alliance Tanawthari , Accountability Counsel

ကရင်ဌာနေတိုင်းရင်းသားအဖွဲ့များက လူထုကို ထိခိုက်စေသော ကုန်းမြေမှသည် ပင်လယ်သန္တကျောက်တန်းဆီသို့ စီမံကိန်း (Ridge to Reef Project) ကို ပယ်ချ...

May 22, 2020  •  Author: Conservation Alliance Tanawthari , Accountability Counsel

Myanmar to Report to World Court on Compliance with Order to Prevent Genocide

May 21, 2020  •  Author: Global Justice Center , Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

Myanmar Military Set to Profit from $330m Real-estate Deal with Taxpayer-financed Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and Major Japanese Corporations

May 21, 2020  •  Author: Justice For Myanmar
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