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The International Community Must Sever Ties with the Illegitimate Myanmar military-controlled Union Election Commission and Stand with the People

April 1, 2021  •  Author: 407 Myanmar Civil Society Organizations

CRPH က ၂၀၀၈ ဖွဲ့စည်းပုံအခြေခံဥပဒေကို ဖျက်သိမ်းလိုက်ကြောင်း ကြေညာချက်အပေါ် ကြိုဆိုကြောင်း ထုတ်ပြန်ချက်

April 1, 2021  •  Author: Legal Aid Network

CRPH က ထုတ်ပြန်ရန်ရှိသော ဖက်ဒရယ်ဒီမိုကရေစီပဋိညာဥ်အပေါ် သုံးသပ်ချက်စာတမ်း

March 31, 2021  •  Author: Legal Aid Network

Myanmar military controls approximately US$5.7 billion in foreign reserves and has access to global financial system

March 29, 2021  •  Author: Justice For Myanmar

SAC-M says Myanmar Military is Engaging in Terrorism and calls for Global “Three Cuts” Strategy

March 28, 2021  •  Author: Special Advisory Council for Myanmar
Statement banner image

EU Must Act in Response to Bombing in Karen State and Killing of Protesters

March 28, 2021  •  Author: European Karen Network


March 28, 2021  •  Author: Kachin Independence Army

ICRC Statement အိုင်စီအာရ်စီ၏ ထုတ်ပြန်ကြေညာချက်

March 28, 2021  •  Author: International Committee of the Red Cross

တိုင်းရင်းသား လက်နက်ကိုင်အဖွဲ့များသို့ အိတ်ဖွင့်ပေးစာ

March 28, 2021  •  Author: General Strike Committee of Nationalities

Myanmar: Top UN officials condemn “systematic” attacks on peaceful protesters, and flag international responsibility to protect the people from atrocity crimes

March 28, 2021  •  Author: UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Statement by the UN in Myanmar

March 27, 2021  •  Author: United Nations in Myanmar

As anti-coup protesters face crackdown, ethnic nationalities appeal for aid

March 27, 2021  •  Author: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

KNU မူတြော်ခရိုင် တပ်မဟာ (၅) ၏ ပြည်သူလူထုထံ အသိပေးထုတ်ပြန်ချက်

March 27, 2021  •  Author: Karen National Union

ရိုဟင်ဂျာလူမျိုးစုထံ ဝန်ချတောင်းပန်လာခြင်းကို ဝမ်းမြောက်ဝမ်းသာ ကြိုဆိုခြင်း

March 27, 2021  •  Author: 12 Rohingya Organizations

Statement by Dr Sasa regarding USA and UK sanctions on military Generals’ business Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) and Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL)

March 26, 2021  •  Author: Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

SAC-M devastated by news of fires in Cox’s Bazar refugee camps

March 23, 2021  •  Author: Special Advisory Council for Myanmar

Statement by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on the Situation in Myanmar

March 19, 2021  •  Author: Malaysia (Prime Minister)

Covid-19 response in Myanmar: civil society organizations urge IFIs not to collaborate with the junta

March 17, 2021  •  Author: 225 Myanmar Civil Society Organizations
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