Civil society groups condemn attacks in northern Arakan

May 24th, 2024  •  Author:   Democratic Voice of Burma  •  1 minute read
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A total of 195 groups and civil society organizations issued a joint statement condemning violence against the Rohingya in northern Arakan State. The Burma Army has been accused of killing and forcefully recruiting Rohingya, while the Arakan Army (AA) has been accused of looting and burning down Rohingya homes.

“We urge the AA to take responsibility to be accountable to local communities for ensuring social harmony. It is also necessary to comply with the Geneva Conventions and International Humanitarian Law not to wage battles in civilian areas and not to forcibly relocate villagers from the Rohingya villages,” it stated.

The joint statement called on the AA to independently investigate allegations of human rights abuses against the Rohingya and hold the perpetrators accountable. They also urged Rohingya leaders and the AA to engage in dialogue in order to ease ethnic tensions in Arakan State.

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