IOM Chief Visits Bangladesh, Secures Funding Commitments for Rohingya Refugees

May 9th, 2024  •  Author:   International Organization for Migration  •  3 minute read
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Geneva / Dhaka, 9 May – The Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Amy Pope has concluded a four-day visit to Bangladesh marking strategic engagements and significant initiatives aimed at addressing the pressing humanitarian needs of Rohingya refugees and advancing global migration discourse. Notably, she also launched IOM’s flagship World Migration Report 2024, the first time away from Geneva.

During the visit, DG Pope met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, underscoring Bangladesh’s commitment to address the Rohingya crisis and broader migration challenges.

Accompanied by representatives from major donor countries and the private sector, DG Pope witnessed firsthand the pressing humanitarian needs for the Rohingya response and raised awareness for the need to urgently raise more funding for the refugees.

“I am deeply grateful to our generous donors for their support and commitment to addressing the urgent humanitarian needs of Rohingya refugees and vulnerable populations in Bangladesh. Their substantial contributions will not only make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need, but they also demonstrate our collective responsibility to uphold the principles of solidarity and compassion on a global scale,” said DG Pope.  “Together, we are not only assisting Bangladesh but setting a powerful example for collaborative action in tackling migration challenges worldwide.”

During the visit, donors pledged their support to IOM’s emergency and development projects in the country. This will significantly aid in addressing the pressing challenges faced by Rohingya refugees and other vulnerable communities in Bangladesh.

In March, IOM appealed for USD 119 million to support nearly a million Rohingya refugees in what has been called the world’s largest refugee settlement in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, and the vulnerable community generously hosting them.

In a momentous step towards preserving Rohingya cultural heritage, DG Pope inaugurated the World Tour of the Rohingya Cultural Memory Centre (RCMC). This exhibition will showcase, in several global locations, the rich cultural heritage of the Rohingya community and raise awareness about their plight.

Additionally, DG Pope participated in a high-level dialogue on the Future of Migration and Bangladesh, engaging in fruitful discussions with key stakeholders on shaping policies and strategies to address migration challenges in the country and region.

Furthermore, the Director General alongside Masud Bin Momen, Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh, and Gwyn Lewis the UN Resident Coordinator inaugurated the new UN Common Premises in Bangladesh, marking a pivotal moment in advancing the United Nations Secretary-General’s Reform Agenda.

This building symbolizes a significant stride towards enhancing the efficiency, coordination, and effectiveness of UN operations in Bangladesh.  This would strengthen the UN’s capacity to address pressing issues, uphold human rights, promote sustainable development, and advance peace and security in Bangladesh and beyond.

Through collaboration with donors and partners, IOM remains committed to providing vital support to vulnerable populations and promoting sustainable solutions to migration issues worldwide.

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