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NUG Ministry of Health Announcement (3/2024)

April 28th, 2024  •  Author:   National Unity Government (Ministry of Health)  •  3 minute read
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  1. On the night of 25th April 2024, the terrorist Military Council intentionally bombed the Wun Ma Thuu Hospital in Min Dat Township, Chin State using a jet fighter. This targeted airstrike at the hospital resulted in a compete destruction of the hospital and the tragic deaths of 4 in-patients, 1 patient attendant and numerous injuries among patients, their family members, and health care providers.
  2. Wun Ma Thu Hospital in Min Dat Township has been a vital healthcare provider to the local community and to patients from neighboring townships of the Sagaing and Magway Regions. At the time of the attack, the hospital was actively providing healthcare services to the patients. Evidence from the scene and testimony from the local community indicate that the entire hospital along with its medicines and medical equipment, was totally destroyed by fire due to the nighttime airstrike.
  3. This incident represents another war crime committed by the terrorist Military Council, targeting a hospital, its patients and healthcare providers The terrorist Military has consistently and deliberately perpetrated airstrikes on civilian-inhabited areas and inhumane attacks on the health sector and innocent civilians. Since 1 February 2021, the Military Council has brutally attacked the health sector in Myanmar over 1,293 times, damaged 343 health facilities, killed 104 health workers, and injured 131 health workers. (Reference:
  4. The Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government, strongly condemns these extremely inhumane acts of violence perpetrated by the terrorist Military Council and stands in solidarity with the organizations providing healthcare services and people of Chin State.
  5. The deliberate targeting of health facilities and the health system by the terrorist military constitutes a breach of the Geneva Convention, the UN Security Council’s Resolutions, and International Humanitarian and Human Rights laws.
  6. The Ministry is also committed to seeking judicial redress for the innocent civilians and healthcare workers who have lost their lives. We pledge to ensure that the terrorist Military Council and its accomplices face justice. We implore the international community to take decisive actions without delay to stop the Myanmar military Council’s escalating attacks on the health sector and innocent civilians since February 2021, by all possible means, and to stand with the suffering people of Myanmar.
  7. We strongly urge the parties to stop supporting the inhumane terrorist Military Council, who are committing war crimes and killing the innocent people by all brutal means.
  8. Despite numerous challenges, the Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government will continue to make every effort to provide health services in collaboration with our heroic healthcare professionals, ethnic organizations, local groups, and the community. Until the military dictatorship is uprooted, we, along with the people of Myanmar, remain dedicated to restoring peace and establishing a Federal Democratic Union.

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