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Statement on the situation in Buthidaung

April 21st, 2024  •  Author:   National Unity Government  •  1 minute read
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1. We have noted that military junta has forcibly recruited Rohingyas living inside Rakhine State as soldiers, provided them with military training, and equipped them with weapons with the intention of provoking communal conflict.

2. Similarly, we have found that the military junta has carried out malicious and cunning acts by making Rohingyas organize fake demonstrations, along with forcing them to act as if they oppose the Arakan Army, who are fighting against the terrorist military to escalate ethnic conflict.

3. In addition, the terrorist military has been blatantly burning and destroying homes of civilians and office buildings of international humanitarian aid organizations, as well as perpetrating other acts of violence in Buthidaung.

4. The National Unity Government strongly condemns the subversive acts that are destroying the peaceful coexistence of the people in Rakhine State. We make a special plea to the population to be cautious and mindful of the political tricks employed by the terrorist military to create ethnic conflict. We urge the exercise of inter-ethnic trust, mutual respect, understanding and tolerance.

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