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Burma Coup Watch for the Month of March 2024

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Key Summary Points

  • As of 31 Mar, there were at least 32,143 armed clashes and attacks against civilians since 1 Feb 2021. As of 1 Apr, there were at least 2,574,500 displaced people since 1 Feb 2021. Junta troops continued their violent crimes.
  • Economy sinks further as youth flee illegal conscription law.
  • Hpapun Town under KNU control for first time in 69 years. AA control 8 of 18 townships. KIA control grows.
  • Hundreds of defeated junta troops flee to Bangladesh and Thailand.
  • Armed Forces Day parade underwhelms as junta stretched thin.
  • Desperate junta conscripts Rohingya, forces anti-AA protests.
  • 67 more dead at sea after Rohingya boat capsizes off Aceh.
  • Despite pressure, Burma’s scam world continues unabated.
  • India props up junta with defense supplies.
  • Junta jet flyover undermines controversial Thai aid effort.
  • Junta beats, shoots dead Dawei political prisoners.
  • Thai parliament conference welcomes NUG, ERO reps.
  • Maw Luu locals protest, secure NUG concessions.
  • Buyers a no-show at junta’s ASSK house auction.
  • Junta leaves Kani in ashes after resistance almost takes town.

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