Second Forum on Defection and Defiance Movement: Addressing Challenges and Forging Strategic Solutions

March 31st, 2024  •  Author:   People’s Goal  •  2 minute read
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The 2nd Forum on Defection and Defiance Movement, convened by People’s Goal and Freedom Fighter Myanmar? marking significant progress in the ongoing efforts to promote defections and defiance within the Myanmar military.

Gathering virtually from January 29th to 31st, 129 dedicated participants of defectors from military and police force, partners, strike groups and civil society leaders including National Unity Government representatives engaged in robust discussions via Zoom, demonstrating unwavering commitment to effecting change in Myanmar.

Reviewing Progress and Identifying Challenges:

The forum commenced with an ni- depth analysis of the movement’s cwrent state through SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) assessments. Strengths included enhanced connections facilitating defections and growing organizational support, while weaknesses such as challenges faced bydefectors, including social rejectionand lack ofsupport, unimplemented ideas, unfulfilled promises, and lack ofinternational support were acknowledged. Participants identified opportunities, such as leveraging low morale within the Myanmar military, while recognizing challenges such as inadequate support for defectors’ well-being.

Developing Strategies and Support Systems:

Day two witnessed intensive deliberations aimed at devising effective strategies to encourage defections and ensure seamless reintegration of defectors. Discussions centred on leveraging social media platforms to reach military personnel and exposing corruption within the military hierarchy. Emphasis was placed on providing comprehensive support for defectors’ rehabilitation and vocational training.

Establishing Strategic Collaboration:

On the final day, participants underscored the critical importance of collaborationand coordination among stakeholders. Key recommendations included exposing corruption within the military, establishing robust communication channels between policymakers and defectors, and securing essential funding for defection initiatives.

Proposed Network for the Defection and Defiance Movement:

In a significant development, participants collectively recognized the g e n t need for a wel- coordinated structure dedicated to advancing the strategy of defection and defiance. A proposed network, guided by principles such as human rights, inclusivity of female participation, and accountability, was unanimously endorsed.

Next Steps:

Looking ahead, the organizing committee announced plans to reconvene participants before the next forum scheduled for June 2024. Urgent support for technical and financial resources was emphasized during this pivotal juncture.

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