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Explosive Violence in February 2024

March 30th, 2024  •  Author:   Action on Armed Violence  •  2 minute read
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In February 2024, Action on Armed Violence recorded 4,600 deaths and injuries from 703 incidents of explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 82% (3,762) of the deaths and injuries recorded.

When explosive weapons were used in populated areas, 91% (3,688) of the casualties were civilians, compared to 14% (74) in other areas.

Manufactured explosive weapons accounted for 94% (3,520) of civilian casualties, while improvised explosive weapons (IEDs) accounted for 6% (242) of these civilian casualties in February 2024. Of the main launch-method types of manufactured explosive weapons, air-launched explosive weapons accounted for 62% (2,340) of civilian casualties, ground-launched weapons were responsible for 22% (836) of civilian casualties, and landmines were responsible for 1% (48) of civilian casualties.

At least one death or injury from the use of explosive weapons was recorded in 31 countries and territories in February 2024. The five most affected countries and territories in terms of civilian casualties from the use of explosive weapons were Gaza (2,173 civilian casualties), Ukraine (613), Myanmar (268), Syria (131) and Pakistan (120).


In February 2024, there were 38 incidents of explosive weapon use recorded in Myanmar, 27 of which resulted in 268 civilian casualties, 80 of whom were killed and 188 injured. Civilian casualties included at least 28 children, 10 women, and 22 men. Overall, civilians accounted for 82% of all 326 casualties recorded in Myanmar in February, as 58 armed actor casualties were also recorded, 19 of whom were killed and 39 injured.

99% (264) of civilian casualties occurred in populated areas. Specifically, 26% (69) occurred in villages, 25% (68) in urban residential areas, 19% (52) in markets, 9% (25) across multiple urban areas, 5% (14) in schools, 4% (11) in places of entertainment and less than 3% (7) on roads.

The states in which civilian casualties were recorded in Myanmar in February are Rakhine (117 civilian casualties), Sagaing (84), Shan (26), Bago (23), Kayah (14), Mon (2) and Chin (2).

State actors, specifically the Myanmar military, caused 85% (227), of civilian casualties. Whilst both state and non-state actors combined, specifically the Myanmar military and the People’s Defence Forces (PDF) caused 15% (40) of civilian casualties. Actors of unknown name and status caused less than 1% (1) of civilian casualties.

Ground-launched weapons caused 57% (153) of civilian casualties, specifically artillery shelling (119 civilian casualties), non-specific shelling (26) and mortar shelling (8). The use of air-launched weapons, specifically air strikes, caused 41% (111) of civilian casualties. Mines, specifically landmines, caused 1% (4) of civilian casualties.

Civilian casualties of explosive weapon use in Myanmar in February 2024 decreased compared to January 2024, when 74 incidents caused 326 reported civilian casualties, 122 of whom were killed and 204 injured. In December 2023, 65 incidents were recorded, which resulted in 201 civilian casualties (63 killed, 138 injured).

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