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Formation of Convening Committee for the Emergence of a Rohingya Consultative Council

March 26th, 2024  •  Author:   Rohingya Consultative Council  •  2 minute read

Date – 26th March 2024

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Rohingya Consultative Council. This coalition serves as a unifying platform, bringing together Rohingya politicians, activists, organizations, women leaders, youth advocates, intellectuals, professionals and community-based figures from around the globe. Our overarching objective is to cultivate a coherent and impactful Rohingya political entity by harnessing and aligning diverse Rohingya perspectives, expertise and experience.

‘This initiative directly responds to the Rohingya community’s call for a cohesive and inclusive political entity, to enable inclusion of Rohingya representation in all decision-making fora that affect Rohingya lives. This endeavour aims to strengthen the efficacy of collective efforts in addressing Rohingya concerns by ensuring broad consultation across diverse contexts and sectors. Such an approach is imperative against the backdrop of the multi-layered and persistent challenges confronting Rohingya people everywhere, the increasingly complex dynamics within Myanmar and the broader geopolitical landscape of the region.

‘The Convening Committee – comprised of eight organizations and 25 individuals – will work to represent the priorities and interests of the Rohingya people and spearhead the evolution of a consolidated Rohingya political platform.

Media Contacts:

  1. Jaivet Ealom (Phone: +1 416 270 1026, Email: [email protected])
  2. Dr. Ambia Parveen (Phone: +49 177 8080 834, Email: [email protected])
  3. U Aung Myaing (Phone: +880 181 1499 656, Email: [email protected])

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