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Burma Coup Watch for The Month of February 2024: Junta lashes out at civilians as it loses more ground

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  • As of 29 Feb, there were at least 37,936 armed clashes and attacks against civilians since 1 Feb 2021. As of 4 Mar,there were at least 2,482,200 displaced people since 1 Feb 2021. Junta troops continued their violent crimes.
  • Junta enforces conscription, causes mass panic, and targets Rohingya IDPs.
  • AA closes in on total control of Northern Arakan, KIA expands Kachin territory.
  • Junta bombs Karenni school during class, maims students.
  • Horrifying video of junta burning alive two PDF members surfaces.
  • Junta recaptures Kawlin (Sagaing) and burns down 80% of town.
  • Burma is now first in the world on the Global Organized Crime Index.
  • US charges Yakuza boss who tried to sell Burmese nuclear material to Iran.
  • NUG-aligned Launglon PDT admits to summary executions.
  • Junta shelling kills two in Bangladesh.
  • “Overburdened” Bangladesh closes border to fleeing Rohingya, others.
  • UN offices in Arakan paint logo on roof to ward off junta bombings.
  • Thailand pushes ahead with controversial humanitarian corridor plans.
  • Malaysia closes detention center after 131 mainly Rohingya refugees escape.
  • New Mon State Party splinter group rejects NCA, joins resistance.

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