Calls for UN Security Council to act on military conscription law

March 6th, 2024  •  Author:   Democratic Voice of Burma  •  2 minute read
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At least 398 civil society organizations (CSOs) issued a joint letter on March 1 calling on the U.N. Security Council to take immediate action to ensure “peace and stability” in Burma and the region after the military activated its conscription law on Feb. 10.

“In particular, we call on Japan, as the President of the UNSC in March 2024, to convene an emergency meeting to put forward a binding resolution under Chapter VII of the UN Charter to impose targeted economic sanctions and a comprehensive arms embargo against the junta,” stated the letter.

It also highlighted the need for Burma to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC), or for an ad-hoc tribunal to be established, to investigate alleged war crimes committed since the 2021 military coup.

The military conscription law has led to the arrival of more refugees and asylum seekers into Burma’s neighbors, where they face the risk of arrest and deportation. The U.N. was asked to provide legal protections for Burma nationals fleeing conscription and human rights violations.

“Regional peace and stability will remain elusive unless and until peace and stability is secured in Myanmar, and the Myanmar military, as an illegal and international criminal entity, is held accountable for its decades of mass atrocity crimes, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide,” added the letter.

More than 7,000 citizens have already applied for visas to Thailand. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has warned all Burma nationals to come to Thailand legally or face charges.

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