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Statement on the Conscription Law

February 13th, 2024  •  Author:   National Unity Government of Myanmar  •  2 minute read
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Republic of the Union of Myanmar

National Unity Government of Myanmar

“Statement on the Conscription Law”

February 13th, 2024
The illegal military junta has claimed that the People’s Military Service Law of 2010 will come into force on February 10th, 2024. The law provides for the forced conscription of young Myanmar women and men into the armed forces for at least two years, and sets out harsh punishments for refusal.
This announcement is unlawful and has no legal effect. The public is not required to comply with it. The terrorist military junta is an illegal organization with no legal authority. It cannot enact, activate or enforce any laws.
It is clear that the military junta, having suffered significant and humiliating defeats across the country, is desperate. It now seeks to force Myanmar civilians to fight and to serve as human shields in a horrific war of its own making against its own people. The junta is set on destroying our youth and our future.
The National Unity Government of Myanmar, in collaboration with allied organizations, will take all necessary measures to prevent the junta’s attempted roll out of forced conscription and will address dangers faced by the public. Assistance will be provided, and further announcements will be made as required.
Furthermore, all junta members, representatives and associates that assist in or support the implementation of forced military conscription will have acted unlawfully and will be subject to the full force of local and international laws and held to account. Strong, effective action will be taken against them.
The preservation of our people’s lives, property, security and freedom demands that the terrorist military junta be rooted out. We therefore urge the brave people of Myanmar to intensify their participation in the Spring Revolution, and call on our courageous Revolutionary Forces to strengthen cooperation among us.

The National Unity Government of Myanmar

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