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GSCB’s Statement Condemning the “Announcement of Mandatory Conscription Law”

February 13th, 2024  •  Author:   General Strike Coordination Body  •  3 minute read
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The terrorist military group declared that the mandatory conscription Law, established in 2010 during the SPDC military regime, would be enforced starting February 10, 2024.

The coup staged by the terrorist military group on February 1, 2021, in defiance of the 2008 constitution which they themselves drafted, constitutes treason, making their legitimacy null and void. That being so, the terrorist military group lacks the authority to amend or enact laws.

The terrorist military group’s intention to recruit new soldiers “forcibly” through illegitimate laws and announcements without popular consent marks the onset of further “war crimes against humanity”.

The terrorist military group is suffering a historic defeat on multiple fronts throughout the country, resulting in heavy casualties among their soldiers and a weakening of their forces due to desertion. In response to their manpower shortages, they have resorted to forcefully recruiting new members through the initiation of “militia recruitment (Pyu Saw Htee)” in the final three months of 2023, targeting villages across various regions and states, notably Bago, Yangon, and Tanintharyi. This recruitment drive has involved the unlawful “enforced disappearance” of young people.

The announcement represents a reprehensible and bloodthirsty action by the fascist military, exploiting the conscription law enacted by the group (as is legal) to compel recruits and employ them as human shields. Moreover, the proclamation openly sanctions the arbitrary abduction and recruitment of individuals “without any reason anywhere.” Such coercive conscription exacerbates civilian-on-civilian murders.

Following this announcement, in several townships, including Kalay, soldiers and police officers serving the terrorist military council have been compiling lists and apprehending young people, subsequently causing their disappearance without justification. At present, we declare that not only the terrorist military group but also their soldiers and police officers bear full responsibility for the disappearance, killings, arrests, and torture of young people.

The terrorist military group inflicts oppression upon the youth, who represent the future of the country, irrespective of their backgrounds, solely for their own gain and to maintain their grip on power. We urge all revolutionary individuals to stand up against the unjust oppression perpetrated by the terrorist military group, to resist all wrongful orders, and to unite in shaping the nation we truly desire.

We urge the National Unity Government (NUG) and Ethnic Revolutionary Organisations (EROs) to prepare to warmly welcome and effectively manage human resources. This includes establishing shelters and creating environments conducive to the integration of “anxious” youths into revolutionary groups.

If the international community persists in merely monitoring the “war crimes perpetrated by the terrorist military group against humanity” to a greater extent than at present, the people of Myanmar face the imminent risk of losing more young lives, potentially jeopardising regional security and peace; therefore, we strongly urge swift action.

“Listen to the flag and heed the voice.”

“Sail onward until the ultimate triumph.”

“The revolution shall prevail.”

General Strike Coordination Body – GSCB

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