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Coup Watch December 2023: Illegal junta’s losing streak continues with no break in sight

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  • As of 31 Dec, there were at least 29,440 armed clashes and attacks against civilians since 1 Feb 2021. Junta troops continued their violent crimes.
  • Three Brotherhood Alliance takes over 400 junta bases nationwide since 27 Oct.
  • Rights group reports junta burned over 440 bodies in 156 recorded cases.
  • Junta breaks terms of China-brokered temporary ceasefire with Three Brotherhood Alliance member with air and artillery strikes.
  • Thailand to form humanitarian aid taskforce with illegal junta.
  • Junta greed sinks to new low with policy to extort money from undocumented migrants.
  • Burma takes top spot from Afghanistan in opium cultivation.
  • Indonesian anti-Rohingya online hate speech surges, mob storms refugee shelter, navy pushes away boats.
  • Desperation pushes Burmese civilians to sell kidneys, private Indian hospital acts as broker.
  • Indian authorities beat imprisoned women refugees on hunger strike.
  • Junta boss embarks on self-glorifying propaganda tour as troops exit ranks.
  • Illegal junta shells, bombs museum and a proposed UNESCO world heritage site in Arakan State.

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