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Statement from General Strike Coordination Body on the Exclusion of SAC from ASEAN-Japan Summit

December 17th, 2023  •  Author:   General Strike Coordination Body  •  2 minute read
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Letter No: 8/PP/2023
Date: 17/12/2023

We, a unified front of Myanmar’s civil society organizations, commend the decision by ASEAN and Japan to not invite the military junta to the upcoming ASEAN-Japan Summit in Tokyo. This exclusion is a significant step toward justice and a testament to the power of collective action from the international community.

The absence of the State Administration Council (SAC) from this important summit is a clear denouncement of their illegitimate rule and a signal that ASEAN’s integrity hinges on addressing these injustices. We assert that without holding the SAC accountable for its egregious violations, ASEAN’s influence and credibility are at risk. ASEAN WILL NOT MATTER if the impunity of SAC continues.

We urge ASEAN and Japan to intensify efforts to bring the SAC to justice and end the era of impunity. It is imperative that the international community stands with the people of Myanmar in our pursuit of democracy, peace and human rights.

We also call for direct collaboration with the National Unity Government (NUG) and civil society in delivering humanitarian aid through the revolutionary forces-controlled border areas. This is crucial for ensuring that assistance reaches those most in need.

In solidarity with ASEAN and Japan, we strive for a future where Myanmar is free, just, and dignified.

Unyielding against tyranny.

Blood debts shall never be debated.

For a fortified federal democratic union.

With Revolutionary Faith,
General Strike Coordination Body

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