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Open Letter to the Leaders and the People of People’s Republic of China on Real Situation of the Revolution and Genuine Aspirations of the People of Myanmar

December 17th, 2023  •  Author:   General Strike Coordination Body , 256 people-based organizations  •  6 minute read
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Open Letter to the Leaders and the People of People’s Republic of China on Real Situation of the Revolution and Genuine Aspirations of the People of Myanmar

Date: December 17th, 2023


Mr. Xi Jinping

General Secretary, Communist Party of China (CPC)

President, People’s Republic of China


Mr. Wang Yi

Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

People’s Republic of China


Citizens of the People’s Republic of China

  1. China and Myanmar possess a long and solid history of friendly relations. Myanmar’s citizens regard China as a crucial neighbor who is one of the world’s most powerful countries.
  2. China and Myanmar rely on each other by sharing a 2100-kilometer-long border and must coexist peacefully for as long as the world exists.
  3. Since Myanmar’s independence from colonial rule, China and Myanmar have built a “Pauk-Phaw Relation” that can guarantee stable and peaceful border security only when Myanmar had a government that truly represents the people of Myanmar through a civilian-led governing mechanism. Only in that situation were both nations able to implement their respective development.
  4. In February 2021, the leadership of the Myanmar military, headed by Min Aung Hlaing, forcibly seized control of the nation. This abrupt action included the detention of civilian leaders and a blatant disregard for the democratic aspirations of the people of Myanmar.
  5. The fascist military dictatorship with the so-called name of “State Administration Council SAC”, along with the coup executed under the direction of Min Aung Hlaing, has been universally deemed unacceptable by Myanmar society, encompassing individuals across various ranks within the military itself. In response to this, the people of Myanmar have been steadfastly engaged in the ‘People’s Revolution’ for the past three years, striving to dismantle the military dictatorship and overturn the coup.
  6. It is of utmost importance to convey to the People’s Republic of China, and to the international community, that the current revolution in Myanmar is a wholly internal movement. This revolution, embraced by our entire population, progresses independently, free from any external influence or interference, and is not swayed by the agenda of international political actors including USA and other western countries. Furthermore, we emphasize that the objectives of our revolution are not intended to undermine the interests of any foreign nations, including our neighbors and particularly China. This assurance is pivotal in maintaining transparency and mutual respect in our international relations.
  7. This revolution of the people supported and participated by all walks of life in Myanmar aspire to end military dictatorship, to install representative government of the people and to establish federalism which guarantees equality for diverse ethnicities. Such a political system could guarantee stable, tranquil and developed Myanmar where the rule of law prevails. Only then, will this country become a good neighbor to all countries sharing its border including China, contributing to stability along the border, eradication of cross- border crimes and mutually beneficial investment.
  8. In regard to this, we specifically notify you that the former 2008 constitution, which the people of Myanmar abolished after the coup, is unable to resolve the country’s political crises. The people of Myanmar are unable to accept the pre-coup circumstances that exist inside the confines of that constitution. The reason is that the military dictators who created the constitution received special treatment, and if that law is implemented, Myanmar will always remain under the rule of military dictatorship. With that constitution, Myanmar political question cannot be solved. And then, there will no stability and development in Myanmar with much of side effect to the neighbors.
  9. Under the leadership of Min Aung Hlaing, the military generals have been involved in severe human rights violations, including the brutal arrest and killing of civilians, significant destruction of personal wealth, and the imposition of oppressive authoritarian measures on the population. We trust that the people of China, with their historical experience of the atrocities of fascism during World War II, can empathize with the plight faced by the citizens of Myanmar in these challenging times.
  10. Along with its allies, the border guard forces (BGF) and militias, this fascist military terrorist group is also responsible for border crimes such as drug smuggling, human trafficking, and online gambling under the Kyar Phyan name. These crimes have negatively impacted the stability of border security and the relationship between China and Myanmar. It indicates that both countries’ “common enemy” is the fascist military under Min Aung Hlaing’s leadership.
  11. Nowadays, the military junta has been weakened as a result of the “armed resistance” and “People Movement” in Myanmar, in which all levels of people from all locations and various ethnic backgrounds have collaborated in accordance with the “People War Strategy”. The interim National Unity Government (NUG), ethnic revolutionary organizations, and other revolutionary forces are able to control at least more than 60% of the country. It means that the failure of the fascist military group, which lacks public trust and support, is getting closer.
  12. While they are experiencing an existential crisis in all aspects with no public trust or support, the military terrorist group under Min Aung Hlaing is approaching and seeking assistance from the People’s Republic of China in various attempts to continue their dictatorship. We, Myanmar People, feel very anger that some officials from the People’s Republic of China have forcibly urged some ethnic revolutionary organizations to get involved in dialogues with the Min Aung Hlaing’s military to cease the resistance efforts. This is not acceptable to us at all as we do not believe these negotiations with Min Aung Hlaing’s army would lead to a genuine peace and solution.
  13. Hence, on behalf of the Myanmar people, we firmly urge the People’s Republic of China to consider the following:

    (i) Respect the voices and desires of Myanmar people who are continuing the people’s revolution against the coup committed by the Min Aung Hlaing- led fascist military junta.

    (ii) Immediately halt Chinese efforts that may prolong the fascist military terrorist group in Myanmar. (For examples, supporting the Min Aung Hlaing fascist groups by military and/or political means, pressuring the ethnic revolutionary organizations to dialogue with fascist junta and ceasefire)

    (iii) Immediately cease any efforts to incite negative sentiments among the Myanmar people toward China and its leadership, which could undermine trust and friendly relations and have a negative impact on both nations’ common interests.

  14. With this letter, Myanmar people must express that we will continue to implement whatever we choose to do if Chinese officials continue their actions to prolong the military dictatorship by ignoring these messages conveyed in a respectful manner.

“Stop Killing Myanmar People by Supporting Fascist Criminals”

“Reject Everything including so-called Dialogue for Continuation the life of fascist military”

“Stand together with oppressed people of Myanmar for the Future of China-Myanmar Mutual Interest”

“With the aim to build the “bilateral China-Myanmar Friendship”, safeguard the common national interests, way to genuine “Pauk-Phaw relation”, the General Strike Coordination Body (GSCB) and the following total (256) people-based organizations are sending this open letter on behalf of the whole Myanmar society.

For more information of this open letter, please feel free to contact us.

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