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Myanmar: Escalation of clashes in northern Shan and the Southeast Flash Update #2 (As of 2 November 2023)

November 2nd, 2023  •  Author:   UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs  •  2 minute read
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  • The armed conflict that began on 26 October between the Myanmar Armed Forces (MAF), various ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), and People’s Defense Forces continues to escalate, significantly impacting the Northeast and Southeast regions of the country.
  • Some 25,700 individuals in Northern Shan, Bago East and Kayin have reportedly been newly displaced.
  • In Northern Shan, armed clashes in at least nine out of 22 townships have resulted in a surge of newly displaced persons and mounting humanitarian needs.
  • In Northern Shan, the total number of internally displaced people (IDPs) now stands at over 37,400, with a recent surge of over 23,000 due to the escalation in fighting. This is on top of the 14,470 IDPs previously displaced, straining an already underresourced humanitarian response.
  • Essential transit routes connecting Northern Shan to China are currently obstructed by the MAF and EAOs checkpoints, and at least one vital bridge has been destroyed. Additionally, northern Shan, Bago East and Kayin have faced extensive disruptions in mobile data and telecommunication services across numerous areas.
  • In Northern Shan, faith-based organizations and host communities are offering immediate, basic lifesaving assistance, such as shelter, food, and water. Various humanitarian partners, alongside host communities and private donors, have extended cash assistance, basic food supplies, and essential relief items to the newly displaced.
  • The support provided, however, has been insufficient to address the growing needs, while access remains extremely restricted.

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