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Canada announces additional sanctions against individuals and entities supporting Myanmar’s military regime

October 31st, 2023  •  Author:   Canada (Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs)  •  4 minute read
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October 31, 2023 – Ottawa, Canada – Global Affairs Canada

The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today announced that Canada, in coordination with the United Kingdom and the United States, is imposing sanctions against 39 individuals and 22 entities under the Special Economic Measures (Burma) Regulations in response to the February 1, 2021, military coup d’état that saw Myanmar’s democratically elected government overthrown by a military regime.

These additional measures come as part of a broader strategy seeking to exert coordinated, sequenced and targeted pressure on the Myanmar military regime while mitigating adverse impacts on civilians. Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States unequivocally condemn the military coup d’état against the democratically elected government of Myanmar and support the aspirations of the Myanmar people to a peaceful, inclusive and democratic future.

Today’s announcement builds on previous sanctions and diplomatic efforts to end the sale and transfer of arms to the military regime. It comes in response to the regime’s ongoing and worsening aerial attacks, including against civilians and civilian infrastructure, as well as mass arson, the razing of villages, arbitrary detentions, executions, torture, mutilations, and mass killings of civilians, all of which have deepened the interlinked humanitarian, political and economic crises in Myanmar. The collective actions taken by Canada and its allies aim to maximize concerted pressure on the regime to reverse course and limit its access to key resources and revenue to fuel its violence. The sanctioned individuals and entities have been identified as performing key functions on behalf of the military regime, supplying weapons, resources and revenue, and those that are responsible for democratic reversals. Canada is also expanding its prohibition on the sale of aviation fuel to include a ban on the provision of shipping insurance for the transportation of aviation fuel to Myanmar.

Canada remains committed to ending impunity and to holding the Myanmar regime accountable for serious violations of international law, including against the Rohingya people.

Canada reiterates its support for the people of Myanmar and their aspirations to an inclusive and democratic society and continues to call for the immediate end of violence, the release of detainees and immediate and unrestricted humanitarian access to the region. Collectively, the international community must continue to employ all diplomatic tools at its disposal to address the worsening situation in Myanmar, as well as its regional implications.

“The people of Myanmar continue to demonstrate great courage and commitment in their efforts to restore democracy in their country and respect for their fundamental freedoms. We continue to urge the international community to impose similar measures and to work together to prevent future atrocities in Myanmar.”

– Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Quick facts

  • With today’s announcement, Canada now lists 134 individuals and 88 entities under the Special Economic Measures (Burma) Regulations, for a total of 219 listings.
  • These sanctions support the unprecedented United Nations Security Council resolution 2669 and the complementary and mutually reinforcing efforts of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, the UN General Assembly and the International Labour Organization to resolve the worsening and grave breach of peace and security in Myanmar.
  • Since the February 1, 2021, coup in Myanmar, Canada and its partners have condemned the military’s actions and have urged the military regime to reverse course. Canada and its partners’ long-standing and close coordination has strengthened sequenced and targeted actions that maximize pressure on the regime to cease abuses, release all those unjustly detained, allow unhindered humanitarian access and engage in meaningful dialogue for an inclusive multi-party democracy, while minimizing consequences for the civilian population.
  • These sanctions are in line with Canada’s commitments under its Indo-Pacific Strategy, including promoting peace, resilience and security and upholding democracy and human rights.
  • Canada’s sanctions are designed to complement broader engagement with ASEAN and the organization’s Five-Point Consensus on Myanmar.


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