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Karenni Human Rights Group – Quarterly Briefer (Volume 2 Issue 3)

October 25th, 2023  •  Author:   Karenni Human Rights Group  •  2 minute read
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This quarter, the Burmese military’s actions have resulted in the death of 15 Karenni civilians and injuries to 32 others. While these numbers represent a significant decrease from the second quarter’s alarming statistics, it is still important to recognize the human cost of these casualties, including the tragic inclusion of children. Although with reduced frequency, the military continued to employ the same tactics – mortar shelling and shootings – to kill or injure Karenni, which have remained consistent over the last two quarters. However, the causes of injuries to Karenni civilians differ from those resulting in fatalities. Although mortar shelling remains a prominent method for inflicting harm, the military also resorted to arresting and detaining civilians, launching airstrikes, and employing other “outlier” means, such as drone attacks, rape, bombings, and battering. In addition, the junta’s destruction to property this quarter primarily destroyed residential homes. A religious building, a community hospital, schools, and a car were also impacted by mortar airstrikes, torching, mortar shelling, and bombings.

This report also highlights the emergence of other human rights violations, including the restriction of movement of Karenni communities and repeated extortion of civilians by both the junta and the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force. Of particular concern are reports of sexual harassment against women during searches conducted by junta soldiers. Additionally, junta troops have been allegedly firing into the sky and villages during curfew hours and patrols, further exacerbating the distressing circumstances.

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