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Boycott List of Burmese Military Products Updated

October 18th, 2023  •  Author:   Burma Campaign UK  •  3 minute read
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Burma Campaign UK has updated its Boycott List of products and services produced by companies owned by the Burmese military.

The updated Boycott List is available here.

The Boycott List enables people in Burma, and UN and aid agencies, embassies and corporations, to avoid buying goods and services from companies which help fund the Burmese military.

The Boycott List was first published in 2020. Since the military coup began in 2021, there has been a widespread boycott of military products, which has had a significant impact on sales and profits.

Following feedback from some international companies operating in Burma, we have added some company names in addition to products and services, to enable them to more easily identify Burmese companies which they need to avoid.

For a more comprehensive list of Burmese military companies, please see the report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission report on the economic interests of the military. The primary focus of the Boycott List remains the products, services and brands provided by military-owned companies.

There are 30 new entries on the list, which is now 8 pages long. Some additions are variations of different names used for products already on the Boycott List. One entry, the Five Star vessel Coco Gyun, has been removed as it has been sold.

“The vast range of products and services provided by military-owned companies demonstrates their importance to the Burmese military and the dominant role that have always played in the economy,” said Mark Farmaner, Director of Burma Campaign UK. “We particularly encourage embassies, UN agencies and international companies to look again at this Boycott List and ensure they are not helping to pay for the airstrikes and guns being used against the people of Burma.”

The new entries are:

Star Sanitizing Spray
Star Sanitizing Gel
Bhone Min Myat (imports)
Ever Meter
Adipati Agricultural Produce Trading Limited
Hlaing Thar Yar Inland Container Depot
Myanmar Ruby Enterprise (Gems & Jewellery Co.,Ltd)
Myanmar Imperial Jade Co. Ltd
Dagon Stars United Football Club
OSM Sugar (Oktwin Sugar Mill Sugar)
Yangon Amber Beer
Knowledge Light Magazine
Nghwe Ta Yi Magazine
Myawaddy Yathazone Magazine
Knowledge World Journal (Thuta Gabar Journal)
Myawady Literature House/Myawaddy Library/Myawati Library
Myawady Magazine
Ngwetaryee Magazine
Tayza Booklet
Aurora Journal
Sports View Journal
Knowledge World Journal (aka Thuta Kabar Journal)
Chii Mala Tang restaurant
Adipati Rice Mill Shops
Marble Tiles Factory Company
Dried Tea Leaves and Dried Fruit Factory (Naungtaya)
Ngwe Pinlae Livestock and Breeding (Silver Sea)
Okkan Sugar/Okkan Sugar Mill
Yadanabone Hall
Aung Myint Mo Min Securities

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