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Coup Watch August 2023: Junta Again Denies Genocide on 6-year Anniversary

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  • As of 28 Aug 2023, there were at least 25,338 armed clashes and attacks, displacing 1,628,000 people since Feb 2021. Junta troops continued their violent crimes.
  • Activists mark six years since Rohingya Genocide, call for end to junta impunity.
  • Human cost of mining continues to rise: at least 30 killed in jade mine landslide; illegal junta displaces and murders civilians around Sagaing copper mine.
  • Junta resorts to arrests and brute force as foreign banks turn their backs and foreign exchange rates rise.
  • Clashes increase in eastern Bago Region as resistance makes inroads.
  • Junta flotilla sails up Irrawaddy through Kachin State, kills civilians, takes others hostage.
  • Junta cabinet is purged of ten senior members in a move to strengthen grip on key ministries and ensure longevity.
  • Foreign aid still banned as junta propagandizes UNOCHA meeting.
  • Junta expels Timor-Leste diplomat after NUG meetings.
  • US expands junta sanctions to entire jet fuel supply chain.
  • Sagaing PDFs display worrying disregard for civilian impact, kill imprisoned CDM doctor during junta convoy ambush.
  • Junta once more admits incapacity, withdraws itself from 2025-26 ASEAN chairship.
  • H&M announces exit after report reveals expansive labour abuses, more than 42,000 workers left concerned for their livelihoods.
  • Regime fires and arrests prison staff accused of aiding political prisoners.

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