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ASEAN Leaders’ Review and Decision on the Implementation of the Five-Point Consensus

September 5th, 2023  •  Author:   Association of Southeast Asian Nations  •  4 minute read
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Jakarta, Indonesia, on 5 September 2023

1. We reviewed the implementation of the Five-Point Consensus (5PC) and took note of the recommendation of the 34th ASEAN Coordinating Council (ACC) Meeting and the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on 4 September 2023.


2. We strongly condemned the continued acts of violence in Myanmar, which have caused prolonged suffering among the people, humanitarian crisis, and destruction of public facilities and adversely impacted regional stability, particularly along the border region.

3. We reaffirmed ASEAN’s commitment to assisting Myanmar in finding a peaceful and durable solution to the ongoing crisis, as Myanmar remains an integral part of ASEAN.

4. We appreciated the ASEAN Chair’s efforts to ensure progress on the implementation of the 5PC, with the sole objective of restoring peace, stability, democracy, and a Myanmar-Owned and Led comprehensive political resolution.

5. We commended the work of the ASEAN Chair, through its Office of the Special Envoy, in establishing inclusive engagements with all relevant stakeholders in Myanmar toward establishing a national inclusive dialogue, through a building-blocks dialogue approach.

6. We further recognised that a sustainable ASEAN approach is a crucial step to building trust and bridging differences among different stakeholders, facilitating the safe delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people in need in Myanmar, and promoting cessation of violence and establishing an inclusive national dialogue.

7. We appreciated the support from all stakeholders in Myanmar that has enabled the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management (AHA Centre) to complete the Joint Need Assessment (JNA) in an inclusive manner and conduct safe deliveries of humanitarian assistance to IDPs in several areas in Myanmar

8. We noted with appreciation the continued support from the international community and the UN to ASEAN for the implementation of the 5PC, as it remains critical in helping the people of Myanmar to achieve Myanmar-owned and led peaceful and durable solutions through inclusive national dialogues.

9. We acknowledged the Chair’s comprehensive report on the 5PC implementation and, in line with the assessment of the report, we were gravely concerned by the lack of substantial progress on the implementation by the Authority in Myanmar, despite their commitment to the 5PC in April 2021. Therefore, we agreed on the following:


10. Maintain the 5PC as the main reference to address the political crisis in Myanmar which should be implemented in its entirety.

11. Urge the Myanmar Armed Forces in particular, and all related parties concerned in Myanmar to de-escalate violence and stop targeted attacks on civilians, houses and public facilities, such as schools, hospitals, markets, churches and monasteries.

12. Continue the engagements with all relevant stakeholders in Myanmar by the Office of the Special Envoy of ASEAN Chair/Special Envoy of ASEAN Chair to build trust toward convening an inclusive and durable peaceful resolution to the crisis that is Myanmar-Owned and Led.

13. Ensure sustainability of ASEAN’s on-going efforts and other relevant approaches led by the ASEAN Chair, through an informal consultation mechanism that may consist of current, previous, and incoming Chairs of ASEAN, and any effort by ASEAN Member States in coordination with the ASEAN Chair, to address the crisis in Myanmar, in line with the 5PC.

14. Continue to uphold the decision of the 40th and 41st ASEAN Summit regarding Myanmar’s non-political representation at the ASEAN Summit and ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. We tasked the ASEAN Coordinating Council to review this decision when there is concrete progress in the implementation of 5PC.

15. Decide that ASEAN Chairmanship in 2026 shall be assumed by the Philippines and, subsequently, the Chairmanship rotation continue based on alphabetical order, until a different decision is made.

16. Continue the safe and effective deliveries of the humanitarian assistance based on the JNA by the AHA Centre with the support of relevant stakeholders in Myanmar, to ensure it reaches directly to IDPs affected by the continuing armed conflicts in Myanmar.

17. Mobilise further support from External Partners and the International Community to ASEAN efforts on humanitarian assistance in accordance with the 5PC.

18. Enhance cooperation among ASEAN Member States and between ASEAN with neighbouring countries of Myanmar, to address the crisis in Myanmar and its impacts, including the increase of transnational crime, such as drugs and human trafficking.

19. We shall review the above decision at our future sessions and mandate the ASEAN Foreign Ministers to monitor progress and report to the ASEAN Summit.

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