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Coup Watch July 2023 – Illegal Junta Blocks Aid One Month After Cyclone Mocha Ravages Burma

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  • As of 31 Jul, there were at least 24,586 armed clashes and attacks, displacing 1,599,200 people since Feb 2021. Junta troops continued their violent crimes.
  • The junta postpones its illegitimate election at the 11th hour, declares fourth state of emergency illegally.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi moved to house arrest and receives “clemency”.
  • Junta’s aid blockade persists as IDPs in Rakhine face floods, famine, disease.
  • Death without a sentence: junta ramps up summary executions of political prisoners.
  • A global threat: Russia found using junta-made weapons in Ukraine.
  • EU imposes seventh round of sanctions.
  • Six French financial entities still funneling investments to the junta.
  • Junta’s Central Bank issues MMK 20,000 note, while NUG launches its Spring Development Bank.
  • Junta opens shadow bank accounts in attempt to circumvent international sanctions, then raids MOGE following leaked info of those shadow accounts.
  • Junta vies for legitimacy through alleged meeting between Thai FM and Aung San Suu Kyi, further divides ASEAN ahead of its ministerial meeting.
  • India escalates persecution of refugees with more raids and refoulement.
  • Rohingya refugees continue to face violence at the hands of armed groups and Bangladeshi authorities.
  • The illegal junta bombs IDP camp near border, thousands flee into Thailand.
  • Regime fires and arrests prison staff accused of aiding political prisoners.

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