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Joint Statement of the Common Position of Revolutionary Organizations Fighting Together in the Spring Revolution

August 6th, 2023  •  Author:   National Unity Consultative Council , National Unity Government of Myanmar  •  3 minute read
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6 August 2023

We, NUCC and NUG, in order to end all dictatorship, including military dictatorship, and build a federal democratic union in line with the Union Vision, Union Values, Guiding Principles, Foundational Policies, and the Road Map laid out in Part I of the Federal Democratic Charter, hereby declare the following political goals and positions.

1. We are determined that the ultimate goal of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution is for the complete and rigorous implementation of federal democratic practices towards the establishment of a new federal democratic union in not only form, but also substance (System Change). The goal is not mere regime change, a change in form without a change in substance, which will only allow dictatorship to persist.

2. In order that we may successfully achieve this goal, we firmly believe that this current illegal military seizure of power must be permanently removed, along with which must be permanently ended the custom of military coups and the involvement of the military in politics.

3. As well, it is our firm promise that in the future federal democratic union, we will establish a “Federal Union Army” drawn from different ethnic nationalities, solely to bear the responsibility of defense against external threats, and unconditionally and without exception under the control of a civilian government.

4. We will mandate and implement transitional justice mechanisms to address human rights violations, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and other crimes committed not only since the conflicts caused by the illegal military coup, but for generations upon all classes and ethnic nationalities, in order to ensure that the truth is upheld of all such crimes, that there is responsibility and accountability, that justice is received, and to prevent further such violations.

5. We embrace and agree to these goals, and categorically reject any and all political moves that should deviate us from the vision and values we have determined for a new era and a new system.

6. We pledge to continue in our march and our fight without turning back or wavering, hand-in-hand with the people of all ethnic groups across the country who continue to fight, unrelenting and resilient, in a revolution towards a new era and a new system, fully guaranteeing political processes towards building a federal democratic union, and with collective leadership and collective responsibility on the basis of equality, until we have achieved our ultimate goal.

National Unity Consultative Council and National Unity Government

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