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မြန်မာစစ်တပ်၏ ‘တရားစီရင်ရေး’ ယန္တရား – Myanmar Military’s “Justice” System

July 13th, 2023  •  Author:   Free Expression Myanmar  •  1 minute read
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The military has detained, arrested, charged, tried, and sentenced thousands of people since the February 2021 coup started, including protesters, journalists, politicians, human rights defenders, and online users punished for exercising their right to freedom of expression. FEM’s earlier report, 505A Act of Revenge, documented almost four thousand of these cases.

Each person has faced the military’s tyrannical “justice” in the military’s draconian “system”. Some people have been fortunate enough to be supported by a few brave defence lawyers intent on trying to uphold some element of fairness, due process, and humanity. FEM has produced two legal defence toolkits on incitement and false news to support their legal defence.

This mini report summarises the lived experiences of those caught up in the military’s “justice system”, comparing the legal standards that existed, at least on paper, before the coup, and outlining the current conditions. No names or identifying information are included to protect those involved.

A clearer understanding of the lived experiences within the military’s “justice system” will enable improved support to defendants as well as stronger advocacy for the protection of human rights.

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