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Coup Watch June 2023 – Illegal Junta Blocks Aid One Month After Cyclone Mocha Ravages Burma

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  • The junta has killed at least 2,688 civilians and arrested 17,573 as of 31 Jan. Burma now has 1,584,300 IDPs.
  • The regime began to compile voter lists in preparations for its sham 2023 ‘election.’ Resistance groups attacked census agents in several locations, killing at least 13.
  • The junta adopted a new Political Parties Registration Law that will allow the military-aligned USDP to run unchallenged and lead to the dissolution of the NLD.
  • UNHCR reported that over 3,500 Rohingya attempted to flee Bangladesh and Burma by sea in 2022, up from 700 in 2021. At least 348 died or went missing; the highest figure since 2014.
  • Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US announced new sanctions, but stopped short of sanctioning the junta’s main cash cow.

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