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ITEM 4 – Oral update of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar

July 7th, 2023  •  Author:   National Unity Government (Ministry of Human Rights)  •  3 minute read
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53rd session

7 July 2023

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, as represented by the National Unity Government, welcomes the oral update of the Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, Mr. Tom Andrews, as well as the Special Rapporteur’s recent statements and conference room paper.

In cataloguing the illegal military junta’s atrocities, including its murder and maiming of children, the Special Rapporteur urged that the junta “be disabused of any notion that time is on its side, that it need only wait out a fickle and distracted world.”

It must be stripped of weapons, cash and legitimacy.

Myanmar joins the Special Rapporteur in welcoming positive steps by States. These include Singapore’s investigation of suppliers implicated in the transfer of weapons-related materials to the junta; the European Union’s leadership in sanctioning Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise; the United States’ targeting of junta-controlled banks; and Indonesia’s continuing efforts as ASEAN Chair.

Yet, as Mr. Andrews says, “more can and must be done”. There must be a coordinated strategy of positive actions that are “proactive and targeted like a laser beam on undermining the junta’s capacity to continue its attacks against the people of Myanmar.”

Myanmar, as represented by the National Unity Government, welcomes the Special Rapporteur’s frank address of the dire, unconscionable and unacceptable situation of the Rohingya who, in the Special Rapporteur’s words, “are being forced to make an impossible choice” between hunger and malnutrition in camps, junta atrocities in Rakhine, or the peril of unseaworthy vessels.

Myanmar recognises the Rohingya as an integral part of our nation and as Myanmar nationals. We remain committed to addressing the root causes of the Rohingya crisis, to securing justice for the Rohingya, and to creating conditions conducive to their voluntary, safe, dignified and sustainable return to their homes. Tragically, as High Commissioner Türk today told the Council, these conditions for return “are still non-existent”.

Myanmar strongly supports the Special Rapporteur’s urging of UN Member States to increase their contributions to the Humanitarian Crisis Joint Response Plan for the Rohingya in Bangladesh. We also echo Mr. Andrews’ call on States to “shine the light of public attention” on Myanmar and to cultivate and sustain the international action that the Myanmar people “need and deserve”.

In closing, Myanmar expresses its deep gratitude to Mr. Andrews for his tireless commitment to his mandate and to the people of Myanmar.

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