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Statement of National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) on China’s Approach related to Myanmar Issue

June 24th, 2023  •  Author:   National Unity Consultative Council  •  3 minute read
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Statement of National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) on China’s Approach related to Myanmar Issue

Date: 24 June 2023

1. Currently, Myanmar is in the midst of a revolution to eradicate the military dictatorship, which has oppressed the people by using their weapons.
2. We believe that China as a neighbouring country understands well that Myanmar is in a prolonged civil war and is currently in crisis and instability due to military dictators from different generations forcing the people under military dictatorship while ignoring voices of ethnic people.
3. We believe that China has seen that the military junta obviously commit human rights violations, arbitrary arrests, killings, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in order to gain control of the country after illegally seizing power from the civilian government.
4. China’s current approach to the Myanmar issue can be considered a one-sided relationship and closed cooperation with the military junta only, which is utterly contrary to people’s desires; it can impose additional complication in the country’s internal dynamics and prolong the suffering of the Myanmar people. In addition, we would like to warn that China’s current approach could hurt Myanmar people’s feelings, which would have an adverse impact on friendly relations between the peoples of both nations and be harmful to both existing and long-term interests. China must understand that only the people of Myanmar can guarantee China’s long-term interests, whereas the military terrorists do not have such mandate.
5. China must cease its military intelligence support and cooperation, as well as the sale of military weapons for use in oppression, torture, and killings against the people through various means.
6. While the terrorist military junta does not imply the implementation of the ASEAN five-point consensus even though they agreed to them, China’s profound connection with the military junta can be viewed as backing for the junta to continue oppressing the people of Myanmar.
7. As the good neighbour, if China truly wants to bring stability to Myanmar while preserving the long-term interests of both nations, it must refrain from taking actions against the people of Myanmar.
8. We, the NUCC, recognize China’s critical role in resolving Myanmar’s current conflict because it is a geographically important neighbouring country as well as the nation that has invested the most in Myanmar.
9. NUCC is a collaboration body comprised of elected members, ethnic resistance organizations, political parties, on-ground forces, women organizations, youth groups, worker unions, representative committees/organizations of interim state/federal units, and employer organizations, and it coordinates with the own desires of various forces toward federal democratic union by ending all forms of dictatorship, including the military dictatorship. Myanmar’s future is a federal democratic society.
10. Therefore, we strongly urge China to demonstrate its practical approach as a good neighbour willing to maintain the interests of both nations for the peoples by closely coordinating with revolutionary and political forces, including the National Unity Government (NUG), respecting the desires of the people of Myanmar.

With solemn oath to revolution

National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC)

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