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Coup Watch May 2023 – Cyclone Mocha: Illegal junta obstructs humanitarian aid

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Key summary points:

  • As of 31 May, there were at least 26,722 armed clashes and attacks, displacing 1,514,800 people since Feb 2021. Junta troops continued their violent crimes.
  • From bad to worse: Junta delays humanitarian aid access to States and Regions hit by Cyclone Mocha.
  • Junta conducts violent raids during Cyclone Mocha, displacing thousands.
  • Junta perpetuates Rohingya genocide through ineffective evacuation “attempt”.
  • Bangladesh moves ahead with repatriation project, sends delegation to Rakhine ignoring Rohingya refugees’ demands for equal rights, citizenship and safe return to their homes.
  • ASEAN diplomatic convoy attacked in Shan State by unknown assailants.
  • ASEAN summit concludes with Chair admitting little progress made on Burma.
  • Russia, China, Singapore named as top dealers in USD 1 billion arms trade with the illegal junta.
  • Junta continues targeting healthcare facilities and workers with air strikes.
  • NUG establishes new federal education policy prioritizing ethnic languages while illegal junta further restricts education.
  • KNU elects new leadership, further commits to federalism.
  • Pazigyi airstrike: new evidence shows crime against humanity through use of unconventional weapons.
  • Thai PM-Elect reiterates Thailand’s integral role in ASEAN Five-point consensus and suggests establishment of humanitarian corridor.

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