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BHRN Marks Anniversary of Rohingya Confinement in IDP Camps

June 13th, 2023  •  Author:   Burma Human Rights Network  •  2 minute read
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London, UK/ Sittwe, Burma – Burma Human Rights Network is marking the solemn anniversary of the confinement of Rohingya to IDP camps in Rakhine state following the anti-Rohingya pogroms in Burma that occurred in 2012. This day serves as a reminder of the urgent need for justice, accountability, and a steadfast commitment to upholding the rights of all individuals, regardless of their ethnicity or religious background.

The anti-Rohingya pogroms in Burma resulted in the loss of countless lives, widespread displacement, and unimaginable suffering for the Rohingya community. Over 100,000 Rohingya displaced in the 2012 riots remain in squalid camps for internally displaced people.

BHRN Executive Director, Kyaw Win, stated, “The anniversary of the anti-Rohingya pogroms in Burma is a stark reminder of the urgent need for action. We cannot ignore the ongoing human rights violations against the Rohingya and all of Burma’s people. The international community must come together to demand justice, accountability, and lasting solutions for the Rohingya community.”

BHRN calls on the international community to renew its commitment to the Rohingya in Burma and Bangladesh and work towards a future where they can enjoy full human rights and citizenship. The Burmese military remains the greatest obstacle to peace and justice in the country, and change will not come as long as they retain their illegitimate power.

Organisation’s Background

BHRN is based in London and operates across Burma/Myanmar working for human rights, minority rights and religious freedom in the country. BHRN has played a crucial role in advocating for human rights and religious freedom with politicians and world leaders.

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