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Statement on Russia interfering in Myanmar’s political issues

June 10th, 2023  •  Author:   National Unity Consultative Council  •  2 minute read
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Statement on Russia interfering in Myanmar’s political issues

Date: 10 June 2023

1. The National Unity Consultative Council NUCC strongly condemns Russia for its blatant support of the terrorist military junta that is brutally killing the people of Myanmar.

2. NUCC and the people of Myanmar note that in 2021 Russia applied it veto power to deny the passing of the UN Security Council Resolution Myanmar, in 2021 refusing to sign the UN General Assembly Resolution on selling weapons and arms and still continue selling of weapons, and recently the Deputy Chair of the Lower House of the Russian Parliament signing a memorandum with the terrorist regimes election Commission Chair to support the terrorist regimes illegal election.

3. The building of a nuclear facility creates instability not only for Myanmar but also for the region. NUCC advises Russia to immediately stop supporting the building of a nuclear facility for Min Aung Hlaing. NUCC is also notifying Russia to stop selling, supplying to war weapons and equipment of military intelligence as they are used in brutal killings, gross atrocities, and violations of Human Rights.

4. Meeting and developing relationships with Min Aung Hlaing who has increasingly killed and tortured the people of Myanmar, who is facing the ICC under Crimes Against Humanity is openly supporting his atrocities. NUCC condemns Russia, which itself is violating international laws in invading Ukraine, under the allegation of Genocide for openly embracing the terrorist Min Aung Hlaing.

5. The diplomatic and military support provided by Russia is the basis for the terrorist Min Aung Hlaing group to totally disregard the agreements developed within the ASEAN and also creates difficulties for other nations to work on solving Myanmar’s political issues. It is also evident that Russia is supporting the brutal killings, mass killings, and all atrocities in the people of Myanmar by the terrorist regime.

6. Russia blatantly supporting and advocating for the terrorist regime is prolonging the sufferings of the people of Myanmar. The support and advocacy for the terrorist regime by Russia is not to solve Myanmar’s political issues but only to further Russia’s geopolitical interest, and as the actions are destabilizing Myanmar and the ASEAN region the National Unity Consultation Council NUCC strongly condemns Russia for these actions.

With solemn oath to the revolution
National Unity Consultative Council – NUCC

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