Karen Human Rights Group Urges International Recognition of CDMs

May 29th, 2023  •  Author:   Karen News  •  3 minute read

New publication on CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement)

The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) is urging for greater international understanding and recognition of the role of Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) workers in the Spring Revolution and their designation as human rights defenders (HRDs).

Saw Nanda Hsue, spokesperson for KHRG, made this statement in response to a query from KIC regarding the publication of a report titled,” Civil Disobedience Movement: A Foundation of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution and Force behind Military’s Failed Coup.” The report was jointly written by KHRG and 18 Myanmar civil society groups and was released yesterday.

“KHRG, as a human rights organization, recognizes the essential role of CDM employees in promoting and safeguarding human rights. We believe it is crucial to provide them with increased support in addressing the difficulties and challenges they encounter. As a result, we are actively contributing to this collaborative report,” he told KIC.

The joint report, released on May 25, highlights that participants of the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) have been displaced internally due to the Military Council’s arrests on charges of terrorism. Many of them have sought refuge in areas administered by the Karen National Union (KNU). The report emphasizes the necessity for these CDM participants to receive humanitarian assistance, similar to the local population affected by armed conflicts in those regions.

Additionally, the report highlights that both individual Myanmar citizens in exile and

local, as well as international organizations are providing humanitarian aid in Myanmar. However, it emphasizes the challenges faced due to inadequate funding for the crises resulting from the violence perpetrated by the Military Council. The report further notes the lack of regular funding channels from international organizations and the United Nations, and the absence of proportionality in addressing the needs of the Civil Disobedience Movements (CDMs), compared to their actual requirements.

During yesterday’s online press conference, Ma Khin Ohnmar, the founder and chairman of Progressive Voice, one of the organizations that co-authored the report on the state of Civil Disobedience Movements (CDMs), made the following statement.

“CDM receives less support compared to others, which makes some parts of it difficult to continue in the long term. According to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, CDMs are also human rights defenders. We need to support CDMs because they are dedicated to advocating for the rights of individuals and the community as a whole.”

The report emphasizes that the participants of the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), being recognized as human rights defenders (HRDs), play a crucial role in safeguarding and promoting the fundamental human rights and freedoms of the people in Myanmar.

It urges international donors to provide assistance through cross-border channels and collaborate with international organizations focused on human rights protection, as this approach is deemed the most effective in supporting the CDMs and their vital work.

The report was jointly written by 19 groups including KHRG, Burmese Women’s Union, Human Right foundation of Monland, Kachin Women’s Association Thailand, Karenni National Women’s Organization, Kayan Women’s Organization, Pa-O Women’s Union and Progressive Voice.

During an online press conference held on May 25 via Progressive Voice’s social networking page, it was revealed that the report was based on over 20 interviews and research conducted with human rights defenders (HRDs) and participants of the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM).

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