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MFA Spokesperson’s Comments on the Recent Incident Involving the ASEAN Humanitarian Convoy in Shan State, Myanmar

May 8th, 2023  •  Author:   Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore  •  1 minute read
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In response to media queries on the recent incident involving the ASEAN humanitarian convoy in Shan State, Myanmar, the MFA Spokesperson said:

“Two staff of the Singapore Embassy in Yangon were part of the convoy. They are safe and have returned to Yangon.

Singapore condemns this attack. It is critical to safeguard the safety of humanitarian and diplomatic personnel, to ensure that they can continue their operations and provide necessary aid to those in need.

Singapore urges all parties to refrain from violence, in accordance with the Five-Point Consensus. Only constructive dialogue among all key stakeholders in Myanmar can facilitate a peaceful solution in the interests of the people of Myanmar.”



8 MAY 2023

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