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Statement on 8th Ethnic Media Conference

May 3rd, 2023  •  Author:   Burma News International  •  2 minute read

Statement on 8th Ethnic Media Conference

Date – 3 May 2023

The eighth Ethnic Media Conference, with the title “Media Moving Forwards To a Federal Burma,” was convened near the border area in the last week of April.

It was joined by altogether 130 attendees, including representatives from 40 local and international media, partner organizations, some diplomatic partners, and donors.

The participants unanimously condemn the role of the “Myanmar Media Council” under the military council and agreed that the council does not represent independent Myanmar media.

We also agreed to establish an independent self-regulatory body to guide independent Myanmar media and formed a working group for the establishment of this body.

The conference also discussed and confirmed developing public service media based on federal democracy, ethnic states, and regions. In addition, proposals for ethnic media policy that would be used for the future federal union, are also being drafted.

During the conference, online monetization methods for media organizations facing the current crisis in Myanmar were also discussed, with the title “Opportunities for Development of Independent Media.” Monetization opportunities on Facebook, YouTube, and other options were also discussed.

Under the title of “Expanding Voices of Myanmar to ASEAN,” current advocacy activities and regional conditions were also analyzed with a view to finding ways to bring information about Myanmar’s chronic crisis to the attention of governments and people of neighboring countries.

The Conference recognized the news production of journalists and media agencies amid the security and survival risks following the coup.

Burma News International (BNI) led to the organizing of the 8th Ethnic Media Conference for the development and sustainability of independent Myanmar media and the role of media in the future federal union. BNI is based on an association of 15 ethnic and local media agencies supporting our news network.

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