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53rd International Earth Day Statement

April 22nd, 2023  •  Author:   Kachin National Forum  •  3 minute read
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Today, we, Kachin civil organizations stationed in State and abroad, jointly mark the 53rd International Earth Day with our statement to protect our earth given below.

I. We acclaim high in celebrating with world families in one accord that Today, April 22, 2023, is the 53rd anniversary of Global Earth Day.

We collectively appreciate that international communities celebrate Earth Day special under the slogan “Give a break to Mother Earth- which represents an equal sharing of her pain and agony.

Admittedly, our region is in the darkest political instability caused by the Gen. Min Aung Hlaing-led Military dictatorship agenda. Unfortunately, we also announce being able to hold the Earth Day ceremony today. But it is to clarify to all that the People’s revolution against military dictatorship to an end is undergoing a priority to carry out everywhere in the country.

II. We stand in unity that the beauty of our nature and environment identify the symbol of who we are. We also firmly believe that collaboration from legitimate and authoritative organizations is necessary for people’s efforts and activities to be compelling enough to protect our natural environment. For instance, no respective government can enact a tangible policy to hold the nature and environmental concerns over the years. But the interest in each power-controlled regime has led them to massive Chinese banana plantations, mining projects, and unlimited gold-mining projects– they destroy the natural environment, deplete rivers, and deforestation.

Resulting of such over-extracting mining projects harming our land, we are terrified to come to natural disasters of subsequent climate change. Therefore, we urge our fellow inhabitants to take crucial action to protect our natural environment.

III. We confirm conserving our natural resources and environments in our region. An urgent collaboration is necessary to work responsibly with people and authoritative organizations to inherit a better and more robust foundation for the future generation.

We urge you to conserve our natural environment’s beauty, protect resources, and build Kachin State, our beauty and pride, and Global Earth, our home, on this Earth Day.

Names of Members Organizations;

  1. All Kachin Students’ Federation – AKSF
  2. Kachin Affairs Council (KAC)
  3. Kachin Documentation Center – KDC
  4. Kachin Education Network – KEN
  5. Kachin Environmental Group – KEG
  6. Kachin Farmer Network (KFN)
  7. Kachin Human Rights Watch – KHRW
  8. Kachin Mining Watch – KMW
  9. Kachin Political Study Group – KPSG
  10. Kachin Women Network – KWN
  11. Kachin Youth Network – KYN
  12. Research and Analysis Group Kachin -RAGK
  13. Rivers Network Kachin – RNK
  14. Kachin Information Technology Network – KITN
  15. Kachin Health Group – KHG
  16. Kachin Lawyer Network – KLN

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