Joint Statement on Second Anniversary of Federal Democracy Charter

March 31st, 2023  •  Author:   National Unity Government of Myanmar , National Unity Consultative Council  •  2 minute read
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Joint Statement on Second Anniversary of Federal Democracy Charter
Dated 31st March 2021
1. Today, March 31, 2023, marks the second anniversary of the Federal Democracy Charter, which was ratified by respective stakeholders against the attempted coup with the goal of eradicating all forms of dictatorship, including military dictatorship, abolition of the 2008 constitution, Democratic Federal Union building, and the emergence of Civilian Government.
2. Chapter (3) of the Federal Democracy Charter part 1 clearly defined the twelve steps of the political road map or the implementation process in order to implement the activities mentioned above that equally represent the desire of the entire society of ethnic populace.
3. We, the revolutionary forces, declare our commitment to continue the transitional constitution drafting following the fundamental policy guidance toward “building a federal democratic union with the assurance of freedom, justice, and equality,” as defined in step 8 of the political road map.

4. With the hope of harmonious collaboration in the future in federal democratic union building process, we affirm that we will consider the suggestions made by the revolution’s key stakeholders and the entire populace including our panelists in webinar series marking the anniversary. We would also like to convey our gratitude to various stakeholders for the letters of felicitations on the Second Anniversary of the Federal Democracy Charter, which was jointly organized by the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) and the National Unity Government.

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