Joint analysis on the situation of defenders in Asia

March 21st, 2023  •  Author:   FORUM-ASIA , Commission for Disappeared Persons and Victims of Violence - KontraS  •  1 minute read
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In the period considered in this analysis, Asia has witnessed an overall repression of civic spaces, coupled with widespread hostility towards Human Rights Defenders (HRDs)and their work. This precarious regional context was exacerbated by the ongoing crises that affected some Asian countries, and whose effects are still taking place and impacting defenders. The attempted coup in Myanmar, staged by the military on 1 February 2021, unleashed an unprecedented season of violations against human rights defenders, who stood at the frontline of those opposing the military rule and demanding the restoration of democracy at large. In Afghanistan, the Taliban took control of the country on 15 August 2021, leading to a dramatic deterioration of the situation of civil society and human rights defenders, which was already alarming before the takeover. Community-based Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs), media workers, and staff from NonGovernmental Organisations were particularly affected by violence and harassment from the Taliban, paying a high tribute for their brave struggle for upholding human rights.

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