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Statement of national and international Karenni Civil Society Organizationa on the SAC’s mass killing of civilians in Nan Naint village, Pinlaung township, Southern Shan State

March 20th, 2023  •  Author:   Karenni Civil Society Organisations  •  2 minute read
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Date: 20 March 2023

1. The undersigned Karenni Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) state unequivocally that the State Administration Council’s (SAC) killing of 22 civilians including one woman and 3 monks, at the Buddhist monastery compound in Nan Naint village, Pinalung township, Southern Shan state on 11 March 2023 is a war crime and crime against humanity. We strongly condemn this human right violation.

2. The Karenni CSOs acknowledge and express gratitude the warm welcome and support of Pa’O, Shan and other ethnic brothers and sisters in neighbouring states/regions who help the internally displaced persons who left their homes in Karenni state in search of safety due to the ongoing armed conflicts and indiscriminate attack to the civilians.

3. The impartial review and statement issued by the Pa’O National Federal Council (PNFC), on 14 March 2023, regarding the SAC’s inhumane mass killing of civilians in Nan Naint village, is gratefully welcomed by the undersigned national and international Karenni CSOs.

4. We, the national and international Karenni CSOs, stand together with the people in Myanmar who are undergoing the devastating crisis by the military coup throughout the country, valuing their humanity and their human rights.

5. It is obvious that the SAC is deliberately inciting ethnic, religious, and territorial conflicts. Therefore, it is important for our compatriots in Karenni state and other ethnic brothers and sister to be cautious of the SAC’s act on the stimulation ethnic conflicts in the regions.

6. Therefore, until the human rights violations, crimes against humanity being committed by the SAC are held accountable and justice for these violations, we, the undersigned national and international Karenni Civil Society Organisations, declare that we will continue to work in solidarity ceaselessly with our Pa’O, Shan and other ethnic brothers.

Undersigning Organizing

1. Karenni National Civil Society Organisations

2. Karenni Youth Association- Korea

3. Singapore-based Karenni Civil Society Organisation

4. Karenni Youth Association – Singapore

5. We love Karenni Land- Malaysia

6. Karenni National Society- Japan

7. Karenni American Association

8. Karenni Society Finland RY (KnSF)

9. Karenni Patriotic Forum In Europe (KPF.EU)

10. Karenni Civil Society Network (KCSN)

11. Karenni Society New Zealand

12. Karenni Community – Canada

13. Society of Karenni Youth – Thailand

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